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Behind the challenge of domestic printing manufacturers to "giants", the printer market has been monopolized by foreign giants for a long time, and they have mastered most of the core technologies in this market, which has also become a gap that Chinese local manufacturers cannot overcome for a long time. Therefore, in the fierce market competition, whoever has mastered the golden key of core technology will have the initiative and discourse power. Mastering the core technology has become the development direction of domestic printing manufacturers

◆ from 2468 to 365

in bentu, everyone is familiar with a number: 2468. What do you mean? In fact, 2468 increases the degree of design freedom - plastic parts are more competent to produce designs with complex shapes. It took 2468 days from the establishment of Bento printer to the launch of the first Bento printer, which is more than 6 years. And 365, which means that bentu only took 365 days from launching monochrome laser printer to launching multi-function laser printer, that is, just one year

in one year, it is not easy to develop from monochrome to multifunctional. An iron pestle cannot be ground into a needle overnight, and Rome was not built in a day. What exactly happened

as we all know, the printer industry has been highly monopolized and professionally protected. Many well-known enterprises in the IT industry have been defeated here, including some powerful enterprises in Taiwan. So why should bentu go into this deep printer market

in this regard, Wang Dongying said frankly: in the early days of bentu as a printer, there were only a few equipment manufacturers in this industry. In this industry, channel merchants and wholesalers always feel oppressed and fooled, and end consumers always feel that they have no choice because of the few types of brands, so we think this industry must contain huge business opportunities

but later we found the seriousness of the problem. Wang Dongying then explained that the printer market is not only a highly monopolized industry, but also an information device, which has a significant impact on information security. It is conceivable that there are almost no Chinese people in the industry committee setting standards

therefore, in the fierce market competition, whoever grasps the golden key of core technology will have the initiative and discourse power

◆ fight with core technology and experts

there is a phenomenon in the Chinese market: first, these factors make the production speed of low-cost carbon fiber keep up with the market demand. Scientific and technological products have been popularized very quickly after we master the core technology, such as televisions and refrigerators in the 1980s, air conditioners in the 1990s, and cars in the 21st century

now it is often said that enterprises should build core competitiveness. The first consideration of this core competitiveness is to bring benefits to end users and middle businesses. In fact, the most important thing for a company to grow or compete with powerful competitors is not how big you are now, but whether you have core values. The fact that Apple has surpassed Microsoft again is a good proof of this

similarly, for bentu, Wang Dongying said: we are committed to building our core values and creating our core competitiveness according to the needs of the market, so that we can develop in the process of competition and must overcome competition

the global release and the launch of m5000 alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold working die steel and other series of multifunctional all-in-one machines indicate that Bento has fully mastered the relevant core technology of laser printers, officially entered the ranks of international laser printer manufacturers, and become a global printer brand. Wang Dongying said proudly

in the new laser printer and all-in-one machine launched by Bento, the integrated chip adopts integrated circuit design technology and encryption technology, as well as the latest information transmission isolation technology, which eliminates the possible system vulnerabilities and Backdoors in the process of laser scanning and data transmission of laser printing products, and ensures the security, confidentiality and privacy of users' printed information. This is favored by government agencies, enterprises and institutions

innovation is always the most important factor in the process of enterprise development and marketing, especially as a latecomer, bentu's innovation achievements in products are obvious to all. In terms of marketing, Liu Hong, general manager of bentu technology, believes that there are two innovations: first, it has been recognized by channel partners. In less than half a year, we have more than 1000 partners across the country, and the entire channel network has covered major, medium and small cities across the country. Second, the sales volume is rising every month. Pin 1. The induction system adopts the world's famous sensor manufacturer, the United States, and the continuous rise in the number of sensors indicates that the user's acceptance is very high. Liu Hong finally said

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