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Siemens: industrial software ushers in change

Guide: in this high-speed social system, enterprises are looking for a way to improve productivity and production efficiency, while shortening the product launch cycle, in order to ensure its leading position in the industry. TIA botu software developed by Siemens is intuitive, efficient and reliable. It integrates all automation tasks and projects into a unified platform, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise

it is predicted that the scale of China's software industry will exceed 1.2 trillion in 2010. In 10 years, it has expanded 20 times. This fully highlights the huge demand of China's economic and social development for the software industry. Among them, the biggest demand is the combination of software and industry. In the context of the integration of industrialization and informatization, it is extremely important to integrate industry and software into industrial design, industrial production, industrial equipment and industrial products, optimize processes and improve work efficiency in the field of production and process control. There is no doubt that the soft equipment formed by industrial software has become the soul of modern industrial development

Siemens TIA botu can quickly respond to changes in market demand

changes in customer demand are often closely related to the development of the market. When customer demand changes, the market will also change. The production system of enterprises has become increasingly complex, and integration has undoubtedly become an important way to integrate the production system, improve efficiency and plant informatization. In this regard, engineers urgently need a software product that can support the whole project execution center. At the same time, it should also include product design, R & D, production, maintenance, and process optimization

Wang Jiabin, a professor at Huazhong University of science and technology, believes that the ultimate goal of industrial software is to provide a networked, collaborative and open product design and manufacturing platform for the whole product life cycle

Siemens TIA POTU software came into being

tia POTU is the first automation software in the industry to adopt a unified engineering design platform, which is suitable for all automation tasks. With the help of the new engineering software platform, users can quickly and intuitively develop and debug the automation system. Compared with traditional methods, it does not need to spend a lot of time integrating various software packages, while significantly reducing the cost. In addition, TIA botu, as the basis of all future engineering software configuration packages, can configure, program and debug all automation and drive products involved in Siemens' fully integrated automation

put ease of use at the core of the whole software development, and the additional tariff is 25%

whether a software product can be accepted by the industry depends largely on its ease of learning and use. In order to design TIA botu platform, Siemens has studied the engineering configuration application of some typical software for many years, and analyzed and evaluated the needs of global customers. They realized that no one would be willing to carefully study the instructions or conduct special training in order to learn to use a product. Customers hope that through simple and fast learning, they can effectively master the use method. Therefore, in the research and development process of TIA botu, Siemens fully takes into account the needs of customers and always takes ease of use as the core of the whole software research and development. In the previous version, the project tree, task card and patrol window have only two states, open or closed. Taking into full account the feedback of Chinese customers, we added a new state on the way to TIA blog: automatic hiding, similar to a chat tool, which opens when you use it and retracts automatically when you don't use it. Siemens engineer said

Wang qianhou, the R & D Engineer of the second R & D Department of the technology center of Guodian Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd., who tried this software for the first time, said: I have participated in it from the initial trial version of TIA botu software to the current official version. I personally believe that Siemens emphasized its ease of use in the development of TIA botu, and we have also deeply realized this in the actual application process

intuitive cool feeling

tia botu fully considers the actual situation of programmers, takes task as the orientation, and realizes intelligent and intuitive programming. It provides users with a highly intuitive graphical window interface, which enables complete command, diagnosis, management and maintenance of each configuration through a single screen. It is more closely combined with the latest version of Windows operating system, and the interface is more friendly than before. In terms of operation, it moves many previous keyboard operations to the mouse, and adds a lot of drag and drop operations and more intuitive interface display

fan Lianghui, manager of the design and process Department of Wuhan Gangdi Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., has a vivid feeling about TIA botu: it breaks the very rigid and unchanging interface and operation mode of industrial software in the past, giving people a very cool feeling

ABS produced by Alcoa small mill outperforms the traditional ingot hot rolling process in terms of internal microstructure and surface quality. The unified platform design greatly improves the programming efficiency.

what steps are often required to complete a typical project using a traditional method? The first step is to create programmable controller variables, the second step is to write control programs, and the third step is to export variables, "This is the first time that carbon fiber is widely used in mass production of vehicle models. The fourth step is to import variables into the human-machine interface, then create an operation screen, and finally add the diagnostic function. In the new TIA botu software, you only need to add control variables, write control programs, and create an operation screen of the human-machine interface. Other parts: will be generated automatically, and the unified platform will greatly improve the programming efficiency, thus shortening the project cycle.

Chinese customers go deep into the research and development stage of TIA botu

usually think that software innovation is sometimes very short-lived. In order to ensure the return on investment and long-term effectiveness of customers, we must rely on effective innovation. To ensure this, Siemens focuses on sustainable development, strong innovation drive and in-depth user testing when developing this landmark industrial software

in the past few years, Siemens has spent a lot of manpower and material resources to test the software. According to statistics, during the testing of TIA botu v10.0 and v10.5 versions, Siemens conducted tests in 8 and 13 Chinese customers respectively, and collected a total of 5 feedback opinions (including 3 v10.0 feedback and 2 v10.5 feedback). In response to these feedback opinions, Siemens continuously improved and modified TIA botu software. For example, the new automatic hiding function mentioned above adopts the feedback of Chinese customers

Siemens engineer introduction: in the first round of v10.0 test, we asked customers to return their habits of using software and their first impression of TIA botu; The second round is to ask customers to test different functional modules repeatedly; The last round of tests focused on some more specific problems in their use. During the whole testing process, Chinese customers gave great enthusiasm, and the number of feedback was also the largest in the world. These feedbacks enable Siemens to truly understand the needs of Chinese customers, and also make TIA POTU software more suitable for the Chinese market

customer feedback is the best proof

when we produce products, we seek a low-risk, safe, reliable and short development cycle. TIA botu's fully integrated automation meets our above application requirements. Said Huang Cen, a senior engineer of Shanghai Dahua bus Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

in general, what used to be done on multiple platforms can now be done on one platform. We believe that through this platform, the cost will be reduced and the work efficiency will be improved. Fan Lianghui said frankly

in terms of the role of industrial software in promoting traditional industry, Zhou Hongren, executive deputy director of the national informatization expert advisory committee, once said that industrial software is a fusion agent of informatization and industrialization, and it is also the embodiment of soft advantages. Without industrial software, it is impossible to form the soft advantage of informatization on the basis of the hard advantage of industrialization, and there is no integration of the two. Therefore, industrial software plays a very important role in promoting the integration of industrialization and industrialization. As a great innovation in the industrial field, Siemens TIA POTU software will lead China's industrial software into a new era and provide reliable support for China's future industrial development

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