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Siemens industrial gas turbine is first used in China's paper industry

Siemens industrial gas turbine is first used in China's paper industry

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tissue paper, kitchen paper, toilet paper and other household paper products have brought convenience to our lives. But you know what? The paper industry is also one of the five energy intensive industries. The production process of paper products will also consume a lot of energy and have an impact on the natural environment

2. The refrigeration system has overheating

it produces 140000 tons of paper every year and operates eight paper machine production lines. Behind these amazing production data, Shanghai Dongguan Paper Co., Ltd. has achieved a perfect transformation: compared with before the adoption of new technology, the factory has reduced carbon emissions by 60% and saved energy costs by 20% every year

while developing its main business, the company's management decided to invest in its own clean energy power generation project and began to explore clean and efficient gas and on-site thermal power solutions. In response to China's coal to gas policy, Shanghai Dongguan Paper Co., Ltd. decided to try to generate electricity by itself in 2015. After seeking several solutions, we finally decided to use Siemens sgt-300 gas turbine for power generation, which set a new benchmark in China, and it is also the first time that Siemens industrial gas turbine has been applied to China's paper industry. The reduction of carbon emissions and the saving of energy costs are also benefiting from the application of sgt-300 gas turbines

Shanghai Dongguan paper has carefully studied several mainstream gas turbine types in the market. As an industrial gas turbine widely used in the oil and natural gas industry, sgt-300 has been recognized in the industry for its practical effect, but it was not on the company's primary list at first. No one in China has ordered this kind of gas turbine before, and this will be the first time that China's paper industry will use this kind of gas turbine. However, due to the excellent thermal efficiency of this gas turbine and the professionalism of Siemens, the management of Dongguan paper finally decided to use sgt-300 industrial gas turbine. After all, this type of gas turbine has proved its reliability in many industries around the world at that time. Shanghai Dongguan paper has thus become the first user in China to use Siemens sgt-300 for power generation

thanks to two gas turbine units, the company has achieved high efficiency and low emissions. In 2017, the company ordered two sgt-300 single shaft units with a total rated output of 15.8mw. It has been put into use since the spring of 2018. At present, it has achieved efficient, reliable and flexible cogeneration of jiedeying ls622 of Qingdao jiedejia new materials Co., Ltd. After several months of completely trouble free and stable operation, the company finally decided to completely cancel external power supply and heating

sgt-300's high exhaust temperature and first-class steam evaporation capacity have brought considerable benefits to Shanghai Dongguan paper industry. The NOx and CO2 emissions after the unit is put into operation also fully comply with the environmental law of Shanghai 1 If it is abnormal during the test process or the middle beam does not move, it is required by the gauge. The operation and maintenance of combustion chamber, flame tube and igniter are convenient and simple, which helps to improve the availability and maintainability of the whole unit, help users optimize operation and save costs

cooperation with local gas turbine manufacturers is also the key to the successful introduction of this future oriented technology. Zhuzhou aero Power South gas turbine Co., Ltd. is one of Siemens' designated partners in the field of industrial power generation in China. It is responsible for providing the overall gas turbine generator set and some other power plant auxiliary equipment in the project. Zhuzhou Nanfang gas turbine ensures the best balance between Siemens' equipment and services and the locally purchased equipment Western plastic welcome "new scenery" and services. The close cooperation between the two sides ensures that Siemens can do its best in project implementation plan, equipment commissioning arrangement and long-term operation support on the basis of delivering the best quality products to customers

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