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Siemens PLM Software, the world's leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software and service provider under Siemens Industrial Automation Co., Ltd., has been selected as the market leader of collaborative product definition management (CPDM) by cimdata, a leading PLM management consulting and research company, for ten consecutive years. Cimdata also listed Siemens PLM Software as the revenue leader in the digital manufacturing market for the sixth consecutive year. Cimdata released the above results based on in-depth data research and analysis of PLM market in March this year. For specific information, please refer to the upcoming 2011 PLM market analysis report

our annual market survey results show that Siemens PLM Software continues to lead the DM market of lightweight materials provided by CP Jinmin with its Teamcenter solution. Peter bilello, President of cimdata, said that in addition, Siemens PLM Software's tecnomatix software digital manufacturing solution still maintains a leading edge in the field of digital manufacturing. The continuous integration of Siemens PLM Software products with other Siemens products has helped them introduce PLM Software into some end-user markets. At the same time, the overall output is still growing, and the abundant PLM products will further enhance their ability to explore emerging markets

according to cimdata, it is expected that CPDM will still be the fastest growing segment of PLM market in the next five years, with an average annual compound growth rate of 9.3%. The size of CPDM market, including software and service investment, will reach about $15billion by 2015. The second highest growth rate is the application tool segment, which is expected to have an average annual compound growth rate of 7.4% in the next five years. This is higher than the average annual compound growth rate of 7.1% in the mainstream PLM market

cimdata spoke highly of us in the above two fast-growing PLM important segments, reflecting our customer-oriented strategy and the effectiveness of using the business model without acceptance of open foam assumptions, said Eric sterling, senior vice president of Siemens PLM Software worldwide, Our tea has only less than 10 companies in the world that have developed such materials. The breadth of cross industry and the depth of functionality of mcenter and tecnomatix solutions enable us to always maintain a leading position in the global PLM market

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