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Siemens helps Finland's first battery driven ferry open the milestone of clean shipping.

Siemens will provide a complete power technology solution for Finland's first battery powered vehicle ferry with a variety of names because of its seemingly similar external machines. Finnish shipping company finferries has ordered the new ship from Polish shipyard Crist S.A. This environmentally friendly ferry helps to improve the transportation scheme on the route between nauvo island and parainen island in Turku islands. The ferry is about 90 meters long and 16 meters wide, and can accommodate up to 90 vehicles. The ferry will be put into operation on a 1.6-kilometer-long route in mid-2017

the ferry will be equipped with Siemens electric propulsion system bluedrive plusc. It includes a set of energy storage system, propeller variable speed drive technology, and a set of integrated alarm and monitoring system. Finferries will benefit from many benefits, such as reducing operating costs, saving maintenance and repair costs, and improving control and safety through energy management and propeller control systems. This fully integrated power technology solution includes the remote access monitoring system ecomain. Siemens will also provide WiFi solutions to connect with shore based charging stations controlled by the ferry energy management system to ensure automatic and fast charging

the energy storage system of the ferry is charged on both sides of the ferry, where there are shore connection points connected to local electricity. Because the winter in Finland is very cold, ferries can use diesel engines to support onboard batteries to provide additional propulsion during ice breaking navigation. At this time, the ferry can be used as a plug-in hybrid ship

based on the experience gained from ampere, the world's first battery powered vehicle ferry, Siemens has customized a personalized technical solution for Finland's first zero emission ferry. Ampere was put into operation in Norway in May 2015. At present, its total voyage is equivalent to more than 1.5 times around the equator. Each voyage only consumes 150 kwh of electricity, and due to the change from diesel power to battery powered energy-saving lamp PBT special material test method, the fuel cost of the owner norled has been reduced by as much as 60%. This follow-up order further confirms Siemens' pioneering position in providing energy-saving and environmental protection solutions for the shipbuilding industry

3. Adding accessories to the machine can also do steel tube zigzag experiments. Mats rosin, CEO of finferries, said: the long and careful selection process is now over, and I am very satisfied with it. We choose Crist to provide ships, which is based on the "1025" development plan of new material industry, because of its price competitiveness and their ability to manufacture excellent ships. Siemens, which has rich experience and good reputation, will provide new technology for this ship, and they have also provided similar applications for Norwegian ferry ampere

Dr. Juergen Brandes, CEO of Siemens' process industry and drive group, pointed out that battery powered ferries are the best way to achieve sustainable, efficient and reliable shipping. As we have confirmed, this project will become another milestone in the field of environmental protection technology

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