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Siemens helps customers improve productivity through integrated solutions and energy efficiency

Siemens drive technology group (DT) held a 2011 Chinese media and industry analyst exchange today, attracting nearly 30 participants and analysts from major professional media and industry analysis companies in China and Germany. Representatives of DT's global and Chinese management teams, the group's subordinate engineering operation companies and Siemens' customer Beijing Petroleum Machinery Plant delivered a speech at the meeting on the products and systems of Siemens' drive technology business, DT group strategy, the competitiveness of integrated solutions, and how energy conservation and efficiency increase can help customers improve productivity, efficiency and reliability. As a leader in the industrial drive market, drive technology group is developing strongly

we should speed up the development and utilization of multi-functional alloy materials such as conductivity, heat conduction, temperature resistance, antibacterial, mildew proof, high toughness, super strength and flame retardance.

drive technology group is one of the six groups under the jurisdiction of Siemens industrial business. Ralf Michael Franke, CEO of drive technology group, emphasized the importance of the Chinese market and the performance of drive technology group's global business in China. The Chinese business has improved the driving force for the development of the three pillar integrated solutions of the drive technology group, which are integrated drive systems, integrated automation and integrated application systems and solutions. The Asian market is the driving force for our successful profitable growth. Franke pointed out that therefore, drive technology group will continue to increase the value creation in China, while enabling us to meet the needs of local and global customers operating in the world's second largest economy, namely, the Chinese market. With the development of Siemens' business in China, our integrated service approach will help customers improve productivity while optimizing operating costs. Dr. Marc Wucherer, President of Siemens' Northeast Asia industrial business and general manager of Siemens China drive technology group, reviewed the industry carried out by drive technology group in China. The product will be sold in bancassurance channels, and introduced to the participants how Siemens can improve customers' productivity, reliability and energy conservation. He reiterated Franke's statement on the importance of the Chinese market, which is part of the global organization of drive technology group, and stressed that the key is to improve the competitiveness of Siemens customers

Mr. Qin Zheng, general manager of Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. (SFAE), introduced to the participants the strength of SFAE as an automation engineering company and how SFAE helped customers improve productivity and energy efficiency through professional services

liuguanghua, vice president of CNPC Drilling Engineering Technology Research Institute and director of Beijing Petroleum machinery plant, as a customer representative of Siemens, introduced to the participants that through cooperation with Siemens, an energy-saving top drive drilling device was developed, achieving a system energy-saving rate of 90%

during the free exchange time after the keynote speech, the speakers exchanged views on energy conservation and efficiency improvement and the development prospect of drive technology group in China. After the meeting, the invited and analysts visited Siemens' energy efficiency driven future exhibition truck, which launched its nationwide exhibition tour in Beijing two days ago

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