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Siemens integrates cutting-edge technologies to achieve more environmental benefits and more flexible production

Siemens' digital enterprise product portfolio aims to meet higher requirements for productivity, flexibility and environmental benefits

new platform innovation ensures the integration and flexibility of the value chain of all-cause economic factors across all stages

for the continuous development of industrial fringe and cloud ecosystems, Achieve scalability from workshop to cloud

through innovation and integration of cutting-edge technology into the digital enterprise product portfolio, Siemens helps enterprises in various industries achieve more flexible and environmentally effective production methods. Worldwide, Siemens' digital enterprise product portfolio has laid a good foundation for the implementation of industry 4.0 in various industries. A large number of application practices have shown that these solutions can create practical value for customers. Klaus Helmrich, member of the Management Committee of Siemens AG and CEO of digital industry group, said at the Nuremberg electrical automation system and Components Exhibition (SPS) that now we are taking a new step: with a large number of tough performance characteristics, we are only the beginning of innovation and cutting-edge technology, Use the mouse to arbitrarily find out the force value and deformation data analysis of the experimental curve point by point. Siemens is bringing industry 4.0 into a new stage through digital enterprise product portfolio

Siemens exhibited many innovations and applications for specific industries on SPS, which comprehensively showed how new products, solutions and services in Siemens' digital enterprise product portfolio meet customers' new needs. For example, the more accurate and powerful digital twins can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions during product development by comprehensively simulating real production scenarios. By analyzing the production process, we can tap the potential of saving water, electricity and other resources. In addition, through the use of innovative production methods (such as additive manufacturing) to save material consumption and prevent waste. Siemens is paving the way for modular, flexible and environmentally effective production processes with its digital enterprise portfolio

relying on traditional automation solutions alone can no longer meet the growing needs of enterprises for higher flexibility and productivity. Enterprises need a scalable integrated system that can cover production to the cloud. Siemens' end-to-end solutions covering the entire value chain provide technical conditions for achieving this goal, and help discrete industries and process industries create a more seamless connection between the virtual and real world. Siemens has achieved this through a series of platform innovations, such as the first digital native numerical control system SINUMERIK one, the innovative web-based process control system SIMATIC PCs Neo, and the newly developed visualization platform SIMATIC WinCC unified and xcelerator product portfolio. Xcelerator's portfolio integrates the most comprehensive industrial software, services, mindsphere, and an extensible mendix low code application development platform

the development of flexible modular production concept brings challenges to wireless communication: greater equipment access, higher reliability and lower delay. Therefore, the interaction and connection between production and logistics has become the key, from automatic production to more flexible production. Industrial 5g has become the basis to achieve this goal, which can provide high bandwidth, ultra-high reliability and ultra-low delay communication for networks connected to a large number of devices. Another element of stepping into the new stage of digital transformation is the growing industrial edge and cloud ecosystem. The development of ecology makes it possible to integrate data analysis from workshop automation system with cloud. To this end, Siemens provides a new edge app for machine tools. In addition, Siemens acquired edge technology from pixeom in the United States through acquisition, which can easily manage app and update central equipment even on distributed infrastructure

digitalization is increasingly changing the face of the industry: the stronger connection between the virtual and real world has been extended from the traditional exhibition hall to digital design and sales, from the office of the production supervisor to the simulation workshop of the factory, and from joint automation to the flexible production of the workshop

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