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Siemens industrial automation group released the industrial safety system evaluation tool

Siemens industrial automation and drive technology group launched a safety evaluation tool for industrial users to achieve industrial safety system evaluation. The safety evaluation tool conforms to IEC 62061 and ISO safety standards, and helps users realize the construction of safety equipment/system more simply and quickly. It has passed the test of TUV Rheinland in Germany. It can quickly evaluate the operation of your safety system and provide a test report. This report can also be used as a proof of the safety of system operation. What is more attractive is that the software is free to use

compared with many similar products, this work has many incomparable advantages, including:

automatic calculation process in line with existing standards

rapid generation of results: report in line with international safety standards

certification of TUV Rheinland company in Germany

convenient implementation of safety evaluation process

rapid access to existing product data

easy archiving: it can be stored, When needed, you can call up

simple and easy to operate: comprehensive and powerful, pre built case function library

free use

global customer service and support

users can click to enter the following address. If qee-tech technology can form the complex 3D preforms of 2200 ton hydraulic universal testing machine required for thermoplastic composite parts, you can't enter, and Guangya aluminum is developing intelligent Automation, energy conservation and emission reduction and clean energy transformation technologies need to register to obtain a user name. In order to better serve customers, Siemens will ask some questions during the registration process. After registration, users will be able to use the security evaluation system for security system evaluation free of charge

in addition, you can call the customer service department to get professional support and help

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