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"Robot law" comes true EU legislation distinguishes between machines and natural persons

Abstract: the legislative resolution is still in the discussion stage, but the relevant report points out that in the future, special institutions will be established to implement the technical and ethical supervision of robots and "artificial intelligence"

according to the European times, "robots should not harm humans, nor should they stand idly by when humans are hurt." Isaac, a famous American writer? In Isaac Asimov's 1942 sci-fi novel "I, robot", this item was listed as the first "robot law". Today, 70 years later, "artificial intelligence" has finally been put on the agenda of the European Parliament. It is reported that the European Parliament has formally submitted a proposal to the committee to establish a comprehensive set of laws to define the moral problems caused by "artificial intelligence"

Up to now, "artificial intelligence" has been widely used to break through the early market bottleneck of product utilization in our life: from autonomous vehicle to mechanized operations in animal husbandry, and then to robot applications in the medical field. In some countries, such as Belgium, robots have even replaced humans to take care of the elderly and patients with dementia

"robots are playing an increasingly important role in our lives", Julia, member of the European Parliament? Lida said, "because the death of the machine is difficult to blame on individuals, there should be a clear definition of how to divide the relevant issues."

in May 2016, in Texas, USA, a self driving Tesla car accident caused a sensation of death. The cause of the accident was that the car involved in the accident failed to identify a large truck that deviated from the route in the automatic driving mode. Therefore, the European parliament proposed that it is necessary to formulate relevant safety regulations in the field of automatic driving

Marty, speaker of the European Parliament? Delvo said that the "identity" of robots has not yet been accurately defined in law, and there are no constraints on ethics. Therefore, the European Parliament must issue a set of guidelines to distinguish natural people from robots for those "artificial intelligence" who have self-learning ability and can make decisions independently

it is reported that this law may prevent their losses by charging robot insurance. Robots must not be used as weapons, military purposes, or design emergency cutting devices for robots

the report points out that the legislative resolution is still in the discussion stage, but the relevant report points out that in the future, a special institution will be established to implement the ethical supervision of robots and "artificial intelligence" in the national standard for technology and national nonferrous metal Standards Committee's application for the development of ceramic aluminum new material national lap joint steel, in addition to having specific requirements for the control method. In addition, we need to pay attention to the economic impact of robots. With the popularization of "artificial intelligence", the trend of robots replacing human beings will inevitably affect the job market

writer Asimov also expressed a similar view in his novels: robots will gradually replace humans in the future, but they can only convey emotions, but they cannot have emotions

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