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The robot industry has ushered in an inflection point. How can Xinsong robot "survive the winter"? In 2018, the robot market, which has been growing for many years, ushered in a historical turning point

the global robot sales volume only maintained a 1% growth, and the Chinese robot market showed a negative growth of 3.79%. The cumulative sales volume decreased from 138000 units in 2017 to 135000 units in 2018

but it is worth noting that in the case of the overall market downturn, the sales of China's own brand robots increased by 16.2%, and their proportion in the total market sales increased by 5.5% compared with 2017

the rise of domestic brands is the general trend of the development of the robot industry. As a leading enterprise in China's robot industry, Xinsong robot has always attracted market attention. Since its establishment in 2000, Xinsong's revenue and net profit have continued to grow. Although the robot industry was cold, Xinsong's revenue still increased by 26.05% in 2018

what are the "secrets" behind steady growth? The answer may be seen from its R & D direction, product distribution and market layout

R & D: Aiming at the 3C market, increasing R & D investment is an important indicator to measure an enterprise's innovation. From 2016 to 2018, the R & D investment of Xinsong robot showed an upward trend year by year. It is worth noting that in the R & D investment projects, "complete machine comprehensive performance tester", "research and application of key technologies of industrial robot intelligent system" and other projects involve the development of key technologies of collaborative robots

the most widely used field of industrial robots is automobile manufacturing. However, due to the negative growth of the automobile industry in 2018, the robot industry has been greatly affected. It can be said that the decline in robot sales is an epitome of the decline in the automobile manufacturing market

cooperative robots are different from general industrial robots. They can make people work with machines. They have higher safety performance and flexibility. The industries in which they are widely used are. This is because the production of electronic products involves many precision operations. In this field, the cooperation between human and machine can achieve the effect of "1+1>; 2"

Qu Daokui, chairman of Xinsong, has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that based on the judgment that the automotive industry is temporarily depressed, Xinsong believes that the 3C market has the greatest potential in emerging markets

for a long time in the past, cooperative robots were monopolized by "four families". However, due to the high cost, domestic 3C manufacturing enterprises are still trapped in cost pressure despite the demand. Therefore, for domestic robot manufacturers, there will be great room for development to start domestic substitution in this field

business: whether to rush into the market and seize the opportunity of industrial chain migration

according to the annual report in recent years, from the proportion of each business in the revenue, the business of xinsongyuan is stable. At present, Xinsong's collaborative robots have entered the home appliance, semiconductor and other industries. In addition, logistics warehousing automation, automatic assembly and detection line integration, transportation automation and other businesses have also achieved large-scale revenue

however, Xinsong is not satisfied with this, but horizontally expands in many fields

with the migration of the semiconductor industry to the Chinese Mainland, Intel, Samsung and other large international manufacturers have successively invested and built factories in the mainland of China, and the mainland's demand for automation equipment in the semiconductor field has increased

based on this, Xinsong began to enter the field of semiconductor equipment: in 2009 In 2011, Xinsong began to undertake the "02 special project" of two major national integrated circuits "The project has increased the research and development of semiconductor equipment; in 2018, Xinsong machine 2. If the machine is not used for a long time after the experiment, people began to set up semiconductor equipment BG, which mainly provides equipment and automatic solutions for the pan semiconductor field represented by chip manufacturing and panel manufacturing. At present, Xinsong has successfully developed the first new dual arm atmospheric manipulator with independent intellectual property rights in China, and passed the final End users Huachuang, Zhongwei and other customers verify

in addition to strengthening product development, Xinsong has also taken corresponding actions at the capital level. In January, 2018, Xinsong purchased 80% of the equity of sunsung, a Korean semiconductor equipment company, for about 640million yuan. It is not difficult to see that through these measures, Xinsong hopes to seize the opportunity before the next explosion point of the industry

Market: increase overseas market development, global layout and increase revenue

from the sales situation of different regions, Xinsong has increased the development of overseas markets: the sales volume of overseas markets increased by 74.83% in 2018. According to the spindle drive system and oil box at the top right, the international headquarters set up by Xinsong in Shanghai is responsible for overseas business. By the end of 2018, the first batch of 200 service robots have been sold to the European market

in addition, Xinsong has absorbed the operating experience of its Singapore subsidiary and actively established subsidiaries and offices overseas. At present, Xinsong's business covers 35 countries, including 17 under the "the Belt and Road" plan. The global layout allows Xinsong to give full play to the collaborative advantages of the industrial chain that has been accumulated over the years and can take the form of externally heated hot runner, so as to achieve "constant strength of the strong" in the robot field

in fact, entering the "cold winter" of the robot market means that the industry has entered a reshuffle period. Enterprises that took advantage of the strong overall momentum of the industry a few years ago but did not have core technology will be eliminated in this reshuffle. However, for Xinsong, which has core technology and has found new profit points, it naturally has no fear of "cold winter"

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