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The robot industry is expected to usher in an explosive growth period with policy dividends.

from a historical point of view, it seems that it is time for the tide to return. It is robots who will be the trendsetters this time

since the birth of the world's first electronic computer in 1946, there will be a round of scientific and technological revolution almost every 20 years after contacting a large number of entrepreneurial projects. The industry divides this development trend into four stages: computer giant, miniaturization, networking and intelligence. In this round of intelligent spring tide, the popularity of robots will be an important play, and the tide has surged

on December 30, 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of industrial robot industry, and proposed that the development goal of robot industry is to form a relatively perfect industrial robot industry system by 2020, cultivate 3-5 leading enterprises with international competitiveness and 8-10 supporting industrial clusters

according to expert analysis, driven by the continuous adjustment of economic structure and the rise of labor costs, the demand for intelligent manufacturing equipment in China is strong, and it will be inevitable to replace labor by robots in the future. It is estimated that the output of industrial robots in China will be 44000 in 2014, an increase of 31%

The latest guidance on promoting the development of industrial robot industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology has pointed out that by 2020, China will form a relatively perfect industrial robot industry system

the specific development goals are: cultivate 3-5 leading enterprises with international competitiveness and 8-10 supporting industrial clusters; The technological innovation ability and international competitiveness of the industrial robot industry and enterprises have been significantly enhanced, the market share of high-end products has increased to more than 45%, and the robot density (the number of robots per 10000 employees) has reached more than 100, basically meeting the needs of national defense construction, national economy and social development

in order to achieve the above goals, the Ministry of industry and information technology stressed that it would select key fields such as automobile, shipbuilding, electronics, civil explosives, national defense and military industry, carry out research on core technologies such as industrial robot system integration, design, manufacturing, test and detection, overcome key parts and components technologies such as servo motor, precision reducer, servo driver, end effector, sensor and form productivity according to user needs

At the same time, the Ministry of industry and information technology also provided five safeguard measures, including strengthening overall planning and coordination; Create a good development environment; Strengthen fiscal and tax policy support; Give full play to the role of industry organizations; Strengthen the construction of talent team, etc

make use of the existing capital channels such as high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment science and technology major projects, intelligent manufacturing equipment special projects, technological transformation special projects and major technical equipment import tax policies, and actively explore new policies and capital channels to encourage and guide enterprises to increase investment in the research and development and industrialization of key core technologies of industrial robots. The above opinions wrote

affected by this news, the intelligent machine sector has soared in recent days, and several stocks have risen by the daily limit. According to the analysis of market participants, relevant listed companies will benefit from this. Many enterprises, including Nanjing panda, Fayin CNC, helenzhe, Lanying equipment, Yawei, Zhiyun, high tech of University of technology, Ruiling, Qianjiang Motorcycle, science and Technology University intelligence, rapoo technology, deserve attention

Zhao Yong, chief operating officer of China robot, once revealed in an interview that robots are mainly divided into industrial robots, service robots and other categories. In the field of industrial robots, China's annual output value is about 20billion yuan

the annual growth rate will exceed 30%

in 2013, the intelligent industry characterized by intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent operation, intelligent management, intelligent decision-making and intelligent products will develop preliminarily. The application scope of industrial robots integrating precision, intelligence, flexibility and other advanced technologies has gradually expanded from automobile manufacturing to other labor-intensive manufacturing industries in China, which are mainly made of H3PO4 iron Li, 3-yuan, cobalt acid Li materials

at the beginning of 2013, OEM giant Foxconn began to equip a large number of industrial robots on automatic production lines, and the rare plan to stop recruitment pushed Foxconn's momentum of replacing workers with robots to a climax

in fact, the rise of China's robot industry can be seen from the financial results of the first three quarters of 2013. According to the financial report of Xinsong robot, in 2013, the company achieved a main business income of 829 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.88%, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company increased by 30.36% year-on-year to 153million yuan

the company pointed out in its financial report that in the first three quarters of 2013, the company continued to expand the market around the annual business plan and relying on the advantages of products, technology and comprehensive strength. Among them, new orders increased by 51% year-on-year, and the company's business revenue continued to grow steadily. In the first three quarters, new orders were about 1.6 billion yuan, an increase of 51% year-on-year

changes in the manufacturing industry are impacting China's existing industrial pattern. With the continuous increase of labor costs in China, it will be inevitable to replace labor by robots. Experts from CCID think tank of the Ministry of industry and information technology told electromechanical Business Daily that fully automated production line configuration can ensure product consistency, reduce power loss caused by battery matching, and reduce product quality problems caused by human factors. At present, the cost performance of products produced by highly automated production lines is higher than that of manual production

according to the analysis of the above experts, the close integration of artificial intelligence technology, industrial robot technology and manufacturing technology will promote the continuous expansion of the application scope of intelligent robots, and the automotive, aviation, electronic manufacturing and other industries will use more intelligent robots to replace artificial. CCID think tank predicts that the output of industrial robots in China in 2014 was 44000, an increase of 31%

it is noteworthy that not only the prospect of industrial robots is remarkable, but also service robots are beginning to receive attention. Guosen Securities analysts said that, on the one hand, service robots have just started globally, which is the robot field with the shortest starting line gap between China and foreign countries; On the other hand, service robot is a blue ocean market. Unlike many manufacturers competing for prices in the standardized industrial robot field, service robot companies can choose different research and development and sales directions, so as to obtain a high gross profit margin and blue ocean competition pattern

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