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Robots "light up" intelligent automobile manufacturing

the world is setting off a big wave of manufacturing reform, and made in China is facing an embarrassing situation of being big but not strong. On May 8, the State Council issued the "made in China 2025" plan known as China Version industry 4.0, which pointed out that robots are an important part of intelligent manufacturing equipment

at present, the automobile manufacturing industry is undergoing a new round of industrial upgrading with automation, digitization and intelligence as the core. Industrial robots are one of the important basic equipment for the automotive industry to implement automatic production lines, industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing workshops, digital chemical plants, and intelligent factories, and it is also the warming up of the automotive industry to the international market of industry 4 0 road is a huge and important cornerstone. The wide application of industrial robots in China's automobile manufacturing industry helps to improve the automation and intelligence level of China's automobile manufacturing, reduce the impact of rising labor costs and reducing demographic dividends on the competitiveness of China's automobile manufacturing industry, improve production efficiency and product quality, and ensure safe production, so as to improve the international competitiveness of China's automobile manufacturing after aging at 150 ℃ for 1000h

make automobile manufacturing more efficient

produce one car per minute. This assembly line production rhythm requires automobile and auto parts enterprises to continuously improve the degree of automation and production technology to improve production capacity and quality assurance. Robot and intelligent technology solutions can help automotive enterprises get rid of the constraints of energy, manpower, site and capital in industrial upgrading and realize intelligent manufacturing. This is why robots are widely used in the automotive industry. If the robot technology and product stability do not reach a certain level, it will not be able to enter the vehicle manufacturing plant. Yuefeng, the sales director of the robot Sales Department of Otis electromechanical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., told this newspaper that the assembly line for vehicle manufacturing has high requirements for production efficiency and extremely strict requirements for the stability of robot products

at present, almost all vehicle enterprises choose foreign robot suppliers. It is reported that last December, Great Wall Motors purchased more than 600 ABB industrial robots for the new SUV body in white welding workshop of Great Wall Motors' new plant in Xushui base, Hebei Province. ABB provides industrial robot products of various models, such as IRB 6640, IRB 7600, IRB 260, with vanadium prices gradually rising by 0, and assembles efficient, reliable and highly automated welding production lines. At the same time, Great Wall Motors also cooperates with abb in white body business on the welding line, and adopts ABB Robot Welding solutions to significantly improve the automation and flexibility of the welding production line. Here is just an example of Great Wall Motors purchasing robots. In fact, BAIC, SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, GAC, great wall, Geely and other automobile manufacturing enterprises are increasingly choosing to use robots to meet efficient automobile assembly operations

industrial robots are more and more popular in the automotive industry. Yue Feng said that with the continuous improvement of labor costs and the maturity of robot technology, small-scale enterprises are also willing and able to buy robot operations

not long ago, when visiting Valeo factory in Shenzhen, relevant technicians told that Valeo's production workshops, including automotive electronics, were robots. In addition to vehicle enterprises, most large foreign-funded parts groups have long begun to implement automated production. At present, domestic auto parts enterprises have also begun to use robots for loading and unloading, handling, assembly and other operations. In addition, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has become a new market for robots

a step closer to intelligent manufacturing of automobiles

at present, the state is actively encouraging automobile enterprises to carry out pilot demonstration projects of digital workshops. It is reported that in March this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the "implementation plan for the special action on carrying out the 2015 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration", pointing out that in the field of digital workshops, the automotive industry can organize the construction of digital workshop pilot demonstration projects, and promote the intelligent upgrading of equipment, the transformation of technological processes, basic data sharing and other pilot applications. At the 2015 China International Robot Exhibition held not long ago, Xinsong, an autonomous robot enterprise, exhibited a digital intelligent factory. Xu Xiaogang, sales engineer of the marketing center of Zhongke Xinsong Co., Ltd., introduced that in this intelligent factory, we have integrated various series of products such as mobile robots, stacking robots, assembly robots and detection robots produced by ourselves, which can realize a series of functions such as automatic material handling, flexible material transmission, automatic parts cleaning and automatic assembly. Using robots to produce robots is a seamless integration of robots, intelligent devices and information technology. Xu Xiaogang introduced that Xinsong's digital intelligent factory is increasingly used in automobile and auto parts enterprises

widely used in the digital workshop of the automotive industry, has become an important carrier of automotive intelligent manufacturing. So does the unmanned chemical plant mean that cars are closer to intelligent manufacturing? There are hundreds of robots of different types standing on both sides of a conveyor belt. There is nothing at one end of the conveyor belt. All kinds of robots are busy for 1 minute. A complete car is born at the other end of Vickers hardness expressed in HV (refer to gb/t4340 ⑴ 999). Recently, abb showed a video of cars made entirely by robots, which showed the magic and intelligence of unmanned chemical plants. Unmanned chemical plant is a good concept, but it requires not only sufficient stability of robots, but also certain stability and durability of peripheral equipment. Yoshiji nagushima, executive director of Denso wave and director of the control system business department, said that at present, robot technology has matured and its performance is stable. As long as the performance of peripheral integrated equipment is stable enough, it is easy to realize an unmanned chemical plant in automobile manufacturing

the cornerstone of automotive industry 4.0

modern intelligent manufacturing equipment cannot be separated from the work of robots and databases. In the intelligent factory system, the robot receives the instructions and data from the controller to work, and at the same time, collects the working conditions and returns them to the database of the intelligent factory. The concept of industry 4.0 refers to uploading the data used by global robots to the most high-end cloud server through a third-party data company. Through the collection and analysis of these data, we can improve the production process and capacity of global intelligent devices as a whole. Nagushima Nagasaki told that the electric installation of small robots are installed with an intermediate layer software called Orin, which can better connect and communicate with third-party devices (such as databases), so as to realize the sending and collection of data

nagushima nagasama Nagasaki told that, in fact, robots are the bottom communication equipment in the intelligent factory system. Open robots can better realize intelligent communication with the upper cloud server, including data collection and other work. As robots are more widely used in automobile manufacturing enterprises, data collection will be easier and more accurate. As long as it reaches a certain volume, the real industrial 4.0 will be realized

intelligent automobile manufacturing takes intelligent factory as the carrier, takes the intellectualization of key manufacturing links as the core, takes end-to-end data flow as the basis, and takes network interconnection as the support. It can effectively shorten the product development cycle, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce resource and energy consumption. With the continuous improvement of industrial robot technology and related supporting integration capabilities, and the establishment and improvement of supporting systems such as cloud computing, cloud services, data communication, etc., it is bound to improve the manufacturing level of China's automobile industry from the overall situation and realize the dream of becoming a powerful automobile manufacturing country

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