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The robot industry will usher in new changes, domestic enterprises need to strengthen technological innovation

the robot industry will usher in new changes, domestic enterprises need to strengthen technological innovation

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original standard 14 Tensile test of materials according to national standards or standards provided by users: the robot industry will usher in new changes, and domestic enterprises need to strengthen technological innovation

there is a big gap in performance between robot products produced by domestic enterprises and foreign robot industry. At the same time, the price competition carried out by the four families in order to occupy the market makes industrial robots present the scene that the four families occupy most of the market

the domestic industrial robot industry is currently in a situation of "strong demand, but less profit". Strong demand but less profit is a phenomenon of current automation. This requires enterprises to optimize their own robot production and use programs

in terms of industry application differentiation, domestic robots have the following development trends:

first, industrial robot applications have begun to penetrate into various industries from the traditional automobile industry. With the increase of human costs, industrial robots have begun to participate in various industries, such as 3C, automobile, metal processing, logistics, ceramics, bathroom, home, clothing, food to explore problems and countermeasures Industrial robots will appear in the pharmaceutical industry

second, the differentiation or subtle differentiation of product structure is for the special application of domestic production. Making more applicable mechanical products in such a market can better meet the requirements of customers

third, hardware development tends to be similar. In order to realize the generalization of robot product structure and hardware modules, there is a trend of convergence in the hardware interface of robot products now produced. 5. There is a trend of convergence in detection and control grading, and the industrial bus has also begun to use the standard industrial bus

fourth, the corresponding application software of industrial robots is more abundant. In order to complete the application of industrial robots in many industries, enterprises begin to have software packages of different robots

fifth, artificial intelligence has been preliminarily applied in the industrial field, and the most typical is machine vision

at present, the business of foreign-funded enterprises does not pay enough attention to the robot research in some sub fields, while domestic robot enterprises have applied this point. Through in-depth research in these fields, through differentiated development, they have completed the leading research on foreign robot enterprises in these fields

compared with foreign robots, domestic robots have development advantages in service. As a local robot brand, domestic robots can provide better services for users, have a deeper understanding of customer needs, answer customer questions in time, and solve customer problems in use

in addition to making good use of the development advantages of services, the key for domestic robot enterprises to occupy a larger share in the robot market is to improve product performance, which requires domestic robot enterprises to increase investment in technology, compared with the maximum tensile strength and tensile strength of experimental data after the test data are obtained

software and algorithms are also one of the focuses of research. Robot technology system to discuss the development of robots, from the lowest core components to basic theory, combined with robot system and integration technology, as well as intelligent manufacturing part. There are many technical levels that need to be improved to improve the overall performance of robots. But these technologies are inseparable from the research of team software and algorithm

in terms of differentiation, relevant industry personnel said that the current mode of competition between domestic robot enterprises and foreign enterprises is mainly differentiated competition. The research field of domestic robot industry is the aspect that foreign enterprises do not focus on, but the final competition will still face the market competition with similar products of foreign enterprises

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