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The development of packaging machine equipment should follow the direction of diversification

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with the rapid development of China's economy, the growth of the FMCG market is not only reflected in the quantity, quality and variety, but also in narrowing the gap with the western consumer market, which is usually in food, beverage and consumers. It can be predicted that the annual sales value and competition increasingly depend on the improvement and diversification of packaging

the development of modern food packaging industry can be divided into three levels: storage and transportation to meet demand, production needs, cost control, and consumption habits to meet different needs. Due to the limitations of many factors in the Chinese market, it can be seen that most food packaging must stay under cost control. The typical reflection of the forum version of industrial development trend was added in the annual meeting last year, which was widely used

when the market competition enters a higher level of product packaging, diversification naturally becomes a high topic. In order to meet the needs of customers, the extensive global Italian SMI decoration company, one of the most influential members, has been focusing on the packaging of the first and second packaging machinery and equipment in the food and beverage industry in the coming decades. It has become the second largest supplier of packaging equipment in soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, food, edible oil, dairy products, cans, detergents, cosmetics, chemical industry and other industries. SMI realizes the opportunities brought by product innovation in the market demand of diversified development: not only the expansion of machine series, but also the diversification of machine functions

the concept of diversification is not only realized on the version, but also on the basis of the use of shrink film technology in plastic container packaging, it focuses on the effect of technology promotion to directly continue to complete the remaining experiments, such as product promotion, visual effects convenient to carry, environmental protection and cost saving, retail, meeting the psychological needs of consumers, etc

in the future development trend, the single function of packaging and packaging equipment (60 ~ 180 bags/min) and the main processing of speed/and the combination of other/two-layer diversified packaging equipment installation technology, The flexible and ultimate goal is "In terms of business scale, in order to meet the diversity of market demand.

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