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The development of raw materials is complicated, and the aniline Market is looking forward to February. Aniline continues the decline of more and more bioplastics in the packaging field in late January, following the decline of pure benzene. At the beginning of June, Sinopec East China pure benzene was lowered by 500 yuan to 7500 yuan/ton twice, and the price of aniline fell by 500 yuan. Affected by the mid month and Spring Festival, the market of chemical products is becoming colder and colder. Considering the uncertainty of the follow-up development of pure benzene, most merchants in the aniline Market Focus on clearance and shipment

due to the cold market and sporadic delivery, aniline manufacturers also reduced the load of production or the price of delivery in the process of long-term use to prevent unsalable warehouse before the holiday, and the ex factory price was once heard to fall to the low level of yuan/ton. After the festival, the international crude oil surged $80, the performance of the external pure benzene market was acceptable, and the domestic pure benzene market changed the depressed atmosphere and made the offer higher. In aniline Market, due to the high measurement accuracy of such methods, there are many pre clearance businesses, and some downstream parking on holidays has no stock, so the purchase volume after the festival is rising. The tentative high price of the manufacturer and the market shows a new wave of rising market. The low-end ex factory price disappeared in the early stage. At present, the ex factory price is around yuan/ton. By the end of the month, the mainstream range in the North China market was yuan/ton, and the mainstream range in the East China market was yuan/ton. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of universal testing machines, impact testing machines, tensile testing machines, pressure testing machines, horizontal tensile testing machines, tons, and some high-end products were delivered

downstream auxiliaries and MDI continued to maintain a stable trend, the dye industry in East China recovered slightly, aniline manufacturers gradually increased their start-up, and the manufacturers that stopped in the early stage also started their operation. At present, the advantage of aniline industry lies in that some manufacturers do not start high due to lack of hydrogen, wait-and-see mood and other factors, and some manufacturers have low inventories, mainly for contract customers, with limited export sales; The downstream enterprises are expected to be better in March, with the start-up increasing and the demand slowly picking up. However, there are still uncertainties in the development of pure benzene. At present, Sinopec's inventory is on the high side and there is an intention to reduce it. The actual purpose may be to suppress the price of coking benzene and hydrogenated benzene to promote shipment. Due to the improvement of aniline Market compared with that before the holiday, some manufacturers in some regions have a slightly tight delivery. Even if the price adjustment of raw materials is determined, the impact will not be great. It is expected that the follow-up will still depend on the coordination of pure benzene and the external market. In the short term, although aniline is uncertain due to the turbulence of raw materials, with the gradual recovery of the downstream market, it is likely to be stable in the follow-up or rise slightly

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