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The development of plant protection UAV can be divided into five stages, three essences and four factors

Abstract: we are experiencing great changes brought about by the Internet era, and we are about to experience great changes brought about by the artificial intelligence era. Since the plant protection UAV came into people's sight in 2010, no one can expect that no one will have the opportunity to achieve today. What will the future development of plant protection UAVs look like

in 2010, an industrial reform movement took place in China's agricultural materials industry, and a new thing called "plant protection UAV" was written into our lives. Before that, no one could have imagined that no one would have the opportunity to achieve what they are today

it can be seen from the document frequency that the invention of the calculator, the abacus, the tractor instead of the cattle, the harvester instead of the sickle... In the past, we were all just users. Looking back today, agricultural plant protection spraying is still based on the backpack spray in the field, but perhaps a few years later, the backpack spray is just a memory. Today, at this node, the plant protection bank is not only simple for all UAV practitioners to participate in it, but also to participate in and promote the great strides of the plant protection era

there are five stages in the development of plant protection UAVs:

1.2010? In 2012, the concept machine stage: this stage is still the concept stage. The communication scope is only spread in a small circle within the industry, and there is no actual operation ability. The aircraft at this stage is characterized by no work and no money

2.2013? In 2015, demonstrator stage: in this stage, the number of aircrafts is gradually increasing, and the demonstration of aircrafts is often seen in the farmland, so the operation capacity is weak. This stage is characterized by being able to work without making money

3.2016? 2017, trial application stage: the aircraft in this stage has been actually applied in farmland, more and more practitioners have entered the industry, and the industry model and operation ability have been further verified. This stage is characterized by being able to work and make money

4.2018? 2020, batch application stage: in this stage, the aircraft lift is USD 0.554/t (15180000 tons); From South Africa to China, US $8 (9) per ton (15 (1) 80000 tons); Iran and China have the ability to make money from US $10.5 (1) to US $1.5 per ton (20.3 million tons), the business model and service capacity are gradually maturing, and more social resources are entering the industry. This stage is characterized by working, making money, large-scale and specialization

5.2021?? Wide application stage: at this stage, the aircraft has been fully accepted by the industry and can not be replaced. All social resources know the use of UAV plant protection. It has become a mature industry and the industrial chain is relatively mature. This stage is characterized by scale, specialization, socialization and financialization, and the industry has entered a mature operation stage

how valuable is a plant protection UAV? Directly reflected in the function, it is a flying spraying tool with high efficiency and good effect. However, a mercury-1 can digest more than 300000 pesticides a year. Pesticide factories and agricultural materials distributors can use machines to digest pesticides. With the land circulation and the development of new agricultural management entities, the original channels of agricultural materials in the past will face new changes and opportunities

how UAV can be developed and recognized depends on its three essence:

1 The spraying effect must be better than that of manual spraying. Its unique wind field structure has a certain wind field in the operation process, which can blow the crops and make the medicine more uniform

2. The spraying efficiency must be higher than that of manual spraying, even higher than that of the ground spray. The high efficiency of operating 600 mu per day has been rapidly promoted in today's increasingly short of manual work and high cost

3. The social benefits are obvious. With the continuous subdivision of agricultural business entities and production entities, specialized service organizations are further accelerated. Some organizations and individuals engaged in plant protection and air defense services have not only solved the problems of efficiency and effect for China's agriculture, but also obtained the benefits brought by science and technology through specialized services, and plant protection and air defense can make more money. Only when the machine itself can make money can it have the ability to mobilize social resources, and more people can participate in it. Therefore, the development of UAV is the product of an era, not just a tool

what are the four factors driving the rapid development of plant protection UAVs

1. Cyclical factors, which promote the industry power, are driven by the development of the times: artificial - steam engine - electricity - Internet information age - big data artificial intelligence age

2. Structural factors: the driving force for the formation of the industry is structural factors: consumption upgrading - user demand, from product solutions to service solutions

3. Institutional factors, national policies, national subsidies and local promotion

4. The quality factor, the mode, product, technology, organization and management of each participating subject have been further improved

we are experiencing great changes brought about by the Internet era, and we are about to experience great changes brought about by the artificial intelligence era. Who will plant the land in the future? It is certainly not the past or present scattered family based farming mode. The answer is to plant with large-scale equipment and robots. In this era, we do not have a manual oil delivery valve. The oil return valve is the driver, so agriculture will experience the era of artificial intelligence, the era of IOT and the era of big data

what will happen to our market now? What will happen to our market in the future? In the future, a single product solution will gradually become an overall service solution. It can be predicted that the agricultural means of production industry in which we are located is about to undergo in-depth changes. We are in a corner where there is a possibility of overtaking. UAV has entered the agricultural field, accelerated the transformation of the whole industry, redefined products, customers, markets and restructured the business model

at present, most of the air defense teams are guerrillas. Our company should be a well-known place in Jinan. The reasons for this situation are that one is limited by the current land circulation area and speed, the other is that the planting structure in the region is single, there is not enough operation time, and the ability to organize orders is insufficient. It cannot be done thoroughly in one area

the first problem to be solved by flight defense practitioners is how to make more money, and the second is how to control lower costs. If you want to make money, you need to have enough high-quality orders, and the cost control should be as little as possible across large areas. Once across regions, the cost will increase

at present, the industry still sells aircraft. In the future, the simple product sales model is far from being able to adapt to the development of the industry. In the future, practitioners in the industry must have a complete service system, and this time will come soon

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