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The progress of the paperboard printing industry can not be separated from the big market background

the progress track of the environmental protection Paperboard Printing Industry in the year when we spoke. It is not difficult to find that the green color environmental protection Paperboard Printing has become the biggest highlight, and the green color environmental protection concept has penetrated into the whole child industry chain, and has guided the industrial transformation and promotion layer by layer

the development of the paperboard printing industry is inseparable from the big market background. For manufacturers, only when the paperboard printing and packaging technology obtains the permission of the market can they finally start their own progress. From the market status of most utilization of high molecular polymers up to now, there is a standard specification to guide the complicated market demand in the industry, and the market capacity will make faster and healthier progress

however, as far as the industrial progress so far is concerned, the scenery in front of the market is still worthy of the expectation of the manufacturers. The market has only begun to make progress for a period of time in the past two years, and it also needs the complete ability to form a certain market scale layer by layer, which is still very helpful for the merchants. The manufacturers can provide excellent temperature performance for the polyamide of rilsan PA11, and complete their own inadequacies in the progress, To suit the market situation so far

with the application of green paperboard packaging and printing in different fields, the scale of the industry market is also expanding layer by layer. In the future, the market will also be full of new challenges for printing manufacturers. Only when it meets the new needs of the market, can it make better new progress

from the point of view of continuity, packaging paperboard materials include glass, molecular compound plastic, paper and aluminum, so it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages according to different product use and packaging objectives. Because of this, we should learn to choose throughout the process of seeking continuity

we must consider the continuity of the problem packaging board from the perspective of the whole child product supply chain. Packaging accounts for less than 10% of the carbon footprint of a product, and the carbon footprint generated during the production and application of a product is the largest. Although the carbon footprint of packaging may be small, its tightness cannot help but be ignored

if packaging 3. Precautions for sample extraction: it misses its most basic function, i.e. trying to take care of the product in the supply chain, attracting customers to buy and increasing consumption, then when the product is abandoned, the energy and material consumed in the production process will be wasted

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