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The development of soft packaging products has adverse effects on the two major trade barriers, which hinder the export of China's soft packaging products. How to solve this problem depends on the joint efforts of the soft packaging enterprises and the legislative bodies. The fatigue testing machine can also be configured with 5 limit protection, overload protection, automatic zero clearing, fault prompt and other intelligent configurations as a standard equipment with digital display real-time pressure test for dynamic fatigue life measurement of other metal and non-metal materials, structural parts, components and assemblies. China's flexible packaging products to achieve export earnings, first of all, must cross two barriers, and then we can talk about how to improve development. The first is the green barrier. Although environmental protection has been paid attention to in recent years, it will take a long time to fundamentally solve this problem. This is not only a question of changing the concept, but also involves the vital interests of many soft packaging enterprises. Is it to pursue short-term benefits or catch big fish in the long term? Fortunately, some soft packaging enterprises have begun to take action and concentrate on the research and development of degradable plastics, so as to change the current situation of serious white pollution in China to a certain extent

another barrier is the technical barrier. As we all know, there are many kinds of soft packaging products, and it is impossible to use a simple industry standard to identify the quality. Different soft packaging products need different quality standard systems. However, China's legislation in this area is not enough, which leads to a lot of soft package products with unqualified packaging flooding the market, which has a negative impact on the healthy development of soft package products in China

in order to improve the current situation of the uneven quality of soft packaging products in China, we must first refine the legislation. Define the quality certification system for all kinds of soft packaging products. With clear standards, soft packaging enterprises can refer to production. Secondly, this standard should be aligned with internationalization. Only with high standards and strict requirements can we reduce some unnecessary trade barriers in the process of export packaging and achieve the goal of earning foreign exchange

at present, most of the successful export packaging enterprises in China have improved their production processes and the technical content of packaging products on the basis of these two points, which meet the safety and health requirements of the importing countries for packaging materials and packaging processes. Other domestic soft packaging enterprises can also learn from this

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