The development of the hottest PVC packaging film

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The development of PVC packaging film needs the development and application of new additives

pvc packaging film has excellent performance. It is widely used for wrapping and packaging of various foods, beverages, wires, cables, various building materials and irregular valuables when the tear line always deviates from 10mm. However, the industry does not consider the outlet of PVC film for its environmental protection and application safety

pvc has good transparency, good oil resistance, good barrier to water vapor and oxygen, and good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other substances. The food grade PVC resin with low vinyl chloride monomer stock and non-toxic additives can be used to produce plastic packaging that meets the national standards and can directly contact packaged beverages, food and drugs. However, once the content of vinyl chloride monomer exceeds the standard or inappropriate additives are selected, it may cause the safety problems of contact with food during the use of PVC packaging film. On the other hand, PVC packaging film waste will also have a serious adverse impact on the ecological environment. Based on this, the environmental protection departments of many countries or regions in the world have issued relevant laws and regulations to prohibit or restrict the large-scale use of PVC. Europe banned the use of PVC as food packaging material in 1992, and Japan also banned the use of PVC packaging in 2000. According to the announcement of the World Packaging Organization Council, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and European countries have completely banned PVC as a packaging material; Taiwan, China has also issued the waste cleaning law, which expressly stipulates that PVC as packaging material will be banned from 2006

in China, in addition to the safety precautions of the pressure explosion testing machine: the safety of PVC fresh-keeping film that has attracted widespread attention, there are also PVC twisted film and PVC heat shrinkable film. When PVC twisted film is used for candy packaging, it directly contacts candy, and its impact is the same as that of fresh-keeping film

some media have investigated the market prospect of PVC packaging film. The results show that more than 42% of readers believe that PVC packaging film will be completely introduced into food, medical and other packaging markets. It can be seen that the PVC safety problems caused by PVC fresh-keeping film have an impact on the market; On the other hand, about 27% of the readers think that PVC packaging film will occupy a dominant position through the development of new additives, and 19% of the readers think that PVC is difficult to be completely replaced by other materials. It can be seen that the industry has a rational understanding of PVC packaging from performance to the application of new technologies

it is not difficult to see that the further development of PVC market and application will largely rely on the development and application of new additives, otherwise the environmental protection and safety issues will become a huge obstacle to the development of PVC market

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