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Wallpaper development towards low price and coating who can get a bigger cake

wallpaper development towards low price and plastered hollow strip jc/t829 ⑴ 998 who can get a bigger cake

April 1, 2013 the new computer software enables the automatic completion of testing, data collection, analysis, report output, data storage and recovery, As a "dark horse" in the wallpaper industry, "earthguard" has frequently appeared in major newspapers and networks. This wallpaper brand, which focuses on "environmental protection" and "one-stop service", has become a "non mainstream" in the wallpaper industry at a price of 5 yuan per square meter for final equipment acceptance at a minimum of 1. At the moment of "everything goes up", the "stone wallpaper" made from stone has become a "troublemaker" at an ultra-low price. But whose "bureau" has this "troublemaker" disturbed

in the home decoration industry, it is well known that paint, white, etc. and wallpaper are "dead enemies". In terms of price, the current wallpaper is obviously more expensive than paint for decoration of the same grade compared with paint and scratch white. Moreover, the paint market is mature and the price is transparent. Therefore, "scraping white" has become the first choice of many consumers

however, when the "stone wallpaper" of the "earth guard" appeared, people seemed to have a choice, because stone wallpaper seemed to have the strength to compete with paint in terms of price and health and environmental protection. First of all, the price of 15 yuan/square meter is far lower than most existing coatings and wall paint products in the market; Secondly, from the perspective of health, no matter it is white or paint, wall paint, it is inevitable to contain formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals, but the content of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the "stone wallpaper" of the earth guard is close to "zero"; Finally, in terms of aesthetics and living environment, wallpaper has a wide variety of colors and patterns, which can bring different home feelings to residents

although global guard entered the wallpaper industry as a "troublemaker" of parts, it is not simply "troublemaker" of the wallpaper industry, but also appears in the industry and consumer market as an innovator and beneficiary. If Wallpapers always indulge in the status quo and do not make improvements, there are still many variables in the future competition with the coating industry

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