Shiyou wooden door opens a new era of healthy home

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In the new era of home furnishing, people have higher and higher requirements for decoration. Shiyou wooden door pays attention to the environmental protection and mute function of wooden door panels. In the face of new challenges in the industry, it is still warmly pursued by consumers

housing construction and decoration have always been valued by people in the field of clothing, food, housing and transportation. Nowadays, with the rapid economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people who buy new houses pay special attention to the decoration of their new homes. The door is an indispensable part of the decoration of a new home. With its high-end shape design and health and environmental protection quality, Shiyou wooden door has won the recognition and pursuit of the majority of consumers

high environmental protection, health and worry free trusted

there are many details to pay attention to in the decoration of new homes. However, whether the selected materials are healthy and environmentally friendly is the first issue that people should pay attention to. Shiyou wooden door enterprise takes creating healthy and environmental protection products as its own responsibility and cares about people's health. All its products are made of logs. Shiyou wooden door is very strict in the selection of wood, and general wood is difficult to be selected. Only those wood with clear grain, good wear resistance, suitable for deep processing and its own texture can be lucky to be included in the selection range of Sunyard ・ Shiyou wooden door

of course, the reason why Shiyou wooden door is called "high environmental protection" product is deeply trusted by consumers. In addition to the depth control of raw materials, the paint it uses is an ecological water-based environmental protection paint recognized by the national standard

high mute noise elimination is popular

Shiyou wooden door is deeply loved by consumers. In addition to its environmental protection characteristics, it also has the functional characteristics of "high mute". Its 45mm full solid ultra thick door leaf and the fully enclosed anastomosis of nano silica gel suction strip can effectively achieve sound insulation of 35 dB. At present, the sound insulation effect of wooden doors is more and more valued by consumers. For example, Mr. Wang in Hangzhou loves to watch the Spring Festival Gala, but in previous years, he had to turn down the sound of the TV to avoid affecting the rest of his family. However, since the installation of Shiyou wooden door in 2015, Mr. Wang no longer has to deliberately turn down the volume when watching TV, and his life is more "lasting"

"high environmental protection" and "high silence", Shiyou wooden door has created a first-class wooden door brand with cutting-edge quality, opening a new era of healthy home decoration




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