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This is the correct marketing method of smart door lock! Finally found the direction

smart door lock can be said to be a hot entrepreneurial project at present, with broad market space and considerable prospects. Behind it is the smart home market, which has unlimited development potential

but we found that most of the people who entered this market first were confused about how to do marketing. Smart door lock products are special, and different from general goods, the marketing methods are naturally very different

the new retail model of German dog was planned by Ye Maozhong, a Chinese marketing planning master. It breaks the shackles of the traditional model and forms a strong contrast with it. It not only makes entrepreneurs light, but also provides a guiding light

I. fast turnover without pressing goods

except for the first batch of samples, the German dog experience store has no pressing requirements, and can purchase goods at will to avoid the unsalable situation of outdated products

there is no warehouse and less rent. The German dog experience store does not need to prepare another warehouse, which overturns the traditional retail model of small commodities and virtually reduces the investment cost for partners

second, experiential marketing

German dog has opened offline experience stores across the country, with the theme of current popular fashion elements, supplemented by bright technological blue, and a distinctive and bright experience store design, making the store stand out

consumers can instantly experience products in the store, let the effect speak, interact and share, and quickly clinch a deal with customers

III. strong customer attraction ability

1. Adopt the new c2m consumer direct factory mode, so that products can go directly from the factory to the store, eliminating middlemen, and realizing the competitive business model of "high quality and low price". Once the model is launched, it immediately causes great shock in the industry

2. Gangfeng, a big player in the smart lock industry, taught the experience store how to quickly attract customers and quickly pave the way for spending through various practical marketing means

3. Invest heavily in the development of German dog direct shopping mall, offline experience + online sharing, and realize the combination of online and offline. Let customers or fans become direct buyers of the experience store, and bring revenue to the store without increasing labor costs

IV. income generation and upgrading

German dog experience store has accurate positioning and distinctive characteristics, and has strong support from professional product research and development, production system, supply chain system and excellent store management system in the professional field

break the traditional single sales mode and carry out innovative upgrading from experience mode to purchase mode. Small venture capital, in store and out of store, online and offline three-dimensional interactive marketing, and diversified ways of benefiting

six ways to make profits: product profit, unlocking and cleaning income, installation income, annual service fee, housekeeping platform income, after-sales income. Based on the above compound profit approaches, one store can earn more, ensuring that the profit of the German dog experience store keeps rising




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