One room, one living room, postmodernism and fashi

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Maybe you think you've seen a lot of modern simple style, and you want something newer and more fashionable. That's postmodern style. Today, Xiaobian takes you to see the post-modern style of 77 square meters, one room and one living room of the owner's house in happy era community. Let's take a look at how the designer is so skillful that small houses can be so fashionable

decoration owner's file: Decoration community: happy era (more decoration renderings in happy era) house type: one bedroom and one living room decoration style: Post-modern decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 70000 decoration company: face-to-face decoration (decoration bidding, decoration map)

decoration renderings of one bedroom and one living room restaurant in happy era

open style restaurant is very suitable for small family. Although the house is small, it is decorated with characteristics, In the fashionable bar, the owner can taste wine in his spare time. How comfortable life is

happy era one bedroom one living room apartment type map

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