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Why attract people's attention when "face" is not brilliant? "Art" is not amazing, why win the hearts of the people? American Stanley home "beauty" and "art" reveal the secrets, so that you fall in love with customized home

"face" is not brilliant, why is it eye-catching

"art" is not amazing, why do you win people's hearts

the secret of "beauty" and "art" of American Stanley home furnishings,

makes you fall in love with customized home


love at first sight, goodbye, fall in love

every choice of color is a perfect encounter

homogeneous solid wood particle board color

there are more than a dozen colors of American Stanley household board, which are rich in color, clear and shiny texture, and can be freely matched and combined according to customer needs to meet different decoration styles

color blister board

American Stanley home color board is a blister process, with flat and shiny surface, rich colors and higher plumpness; The color plastic board is pressed with seamless film, which can seal the four sides of the door panel into a whole without cracking and deformation. It is scratch resistant, heat-resistant, stain resistant, waterproof and fade resistant. It is the most mature furniture material. It is beautiful and fashionable when used in children's rooms, bookcases and TV cabinets, and its daily maintenance is also simple and convenient

home color can reflect the owner's personality and taste, but disordered home color will form visual pollution, make people feel depressed, and seriously affect the development of brain nerve cells, resulting in mental decline; The use of colors in American Stanley home furnishings is not random. They are carefully discussed by designers and carefully combined according to the current popular colors loved by consumers. Each color is integrated into the soul of designers, making people feel comfortable


eight processes, each showing magic power

1) three in one + mortise and tenon structure process

mortise and tenon structure is a traditional Chinese way of building and furniture design and production, which has a history of 6 or 7000 years. Many well-known buildings such as Yingxian Wooden Tower and Tian'anmen Gate have adopted wooden mortise structure, which is not only durable, but also artistic. Stanley home in the United States uses this kind of wood tenon structure technology, and also uses the most popular three in one connector in the industry. The use of these two kinds of process structures together greatly strengthens the stability of the wardrobe, which is not easy to deform and damage. At the same time, it can also be disassembled at any time, and will continue to be used when moving next time

2) 9mm process of drawer bottom plate and back plate

9mm homogeneous solid wood particle board is used for the bottom plate and back plate of Stanley home drawer in the United States, and the environmental protection grade is as high as the industry E0 standard; Although the back plate is not a load-bearing plate, the thickened back plate of the wardrobe has better moisture-proof performance, and the quality of the wardrobe is more stable and less prone to deformation; At the same time, 9mm drawer bottom plate can make the drawer bear more gravity and install more

3) backplane isolation and moisture-proof treatment process

the backboard of Stanley home in the United States adopts the isolation and moisture-proof treatment process, slotting on the side plate to make the backboard stuck in it, so that the backboard is about 10mm away from the wall, which is conducive to the circulation of air and prevents the wardrobe and clothes from getting damp; At the same time, the cost of moisture-proof treatment of the wall is saved (the moisture-proof treatment of the wall of the decoration company is generally 70-100 yuan per square meter). If a family adopts 25 square meters of moisture-proof treatment, 1700-2500 yuan can be saved

4) double middle treatment process of top cabinet

the single-layer roof cabinet is simple, cost-effective, and easy to deform over time. The wardrobe with top cabinet of Stanley home in the United States adopts the double middle-level reinforcement process, that is, two top plates (laminates) are used between the top cabinet and the wardrobe. This structural process makes the structure of the cabinet more stable and the use time longer. The cost is about 8%-10% higher than that of single-layer cabinets

5) corner integrated treatment process

American Stanley home adopts the treatment process of corner integration (see the above figure for details). The plates in both directions are cut from the same plate. Although it takes time and materials, it is more convenient for customers to use, will not leak dust, keep clothes clean and tidy, and more importantly, maintain the stability of the wardrobe, not easy to deform, and increase the service life of the wardrobe

6) back plate reinforcement process

American Stanley home adopts the corner back plate reinforcement process, one back plate is 9mm, and the other is 18mm. Such reinforcement treatment can make the whole corner more stable, without the possibility of deformation, and the whole wardrobe will not be deformed, increasing the service life

7) ID card inquiry process

customized wardrobe is customized according to the needs of customers. The biggest difficulty lies in the whole production process. Because each customer's products are different, it is easy to make mistakes and omissions, which affects the final installation effect. Stanley home in the United States introduced the world's top German Haomai automatic production line, and cooperated with the production software developed by the professional team in the United States to realize the digital and automatic production system. After inputting the drawings, it automatically produces. Each plate forming the wardrobe (including other cabinets) has an independent bar code on it, so as to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of production. It is scanned, packaged and shipped before leaving the factory, It ensures the beauty and accuracy of installation

8) invisible anti-counterfeiting technology

the unique patented invisible anti-counterfeiting trademark technology of American Stanley home can show the English logo (Stanley) (limited to wood grain color) of Stanley brand under the irradiation of a special anti-counterfeiting inspection lamp

Gao "Yan" skillfully uses the delivered "sense of peace of mind", and the exquisite "art" creates human care. The details are full of unspeakable "harmony and fit". This is the real "thrilling" skill of "Yan Yi"




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