Wallpaper paving acceptance specifications should

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After the wallpaper construction is completed, as the owner, we must pay attention to the acceptance to ensure the construction quality. If the wallpaper is not pasted well, it will curl, break, empty and fall off, which will bring some trouble to our life after moving in. How to check and accept the wallpaper

1. The variety, grade, performance, specification and color of surface materials and auxiliary materials must meet the requirements of design, product technical standards and current construction acceptance specifications, as well as the relevant provisions on fire prevention in the design of building interior decoration

2. The wallpaper and wall cloth must be firmly bonded, free of bubbles, cracks, hollows, warped edges, folds and other defects, with consistent surface color, and no glue marks when squinting

3. The surface is flat without ripple fluctuation. Wallpaper and wall cloth are closely connected with the hanging mirror line and face board without gaps; The color is consistent, without spots, no glue marks and obvious indentation. The edges of the wallpaper shall be straight and tidy, and there shall be no paper wool and flying thorns

4. Each piece of splicing should be horizontal and vertical, the pattern should be correct, the pattern pattern at the seam should be consistent, and the face should be 1.5 meters away from the wall, without seam

5. The joints between mounting and hanging mirror line, face board, skirting board, electrical slot box, etc. should be tight, without gaps, missing stickers and subsidies, and do not paste and cover the moving parts that need to be removed. The edges around the moving parts and hanging mirror line, face board, skirting board, etc. should be cut neatly, straightly, and without hairy edges. The wallpaper shall be closely connected with the hanging mirror line, decorative panel and skirting line, and there shall be no gap

6. The mounted wallpaper should have a flat and straight surface, correct mosaic, complete pattern, continuous symmetry, no color difference, no glue mark, no floating surface, and straight longitude and latitude lines

7. Holes should be correctly reserved at all switch socket panels




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