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Recently, the author found in various major furniture market surveys that there has been a wave of "fake marketing" and even "false concept" marketing in the furniture market. A small number of traditional furniture merchants and people in the wood-based panel industry are making waves, trying to label ordinary man-made panels with the concept of "zero formaldehyde", and then sell the finished furniture made of such panels to consumers at a high price

recently, the author found in the major furniture market survey that there was a burst of “ Counterfeit marketing ”, Even “ False concept ” With the marketing trend, a small number of traditional furniture merchants and people in the wood-based panel industry are making waves, trying to make ordinary wood-based panels “ Zero formaldehyde ” Concept, and then sell the finished furniture made of such plates to consumers at a high price

as we all know, the vast majority of ordinary man-made panels in the market, such as composite panels, plywood, etc., are bonded with urea formaldehyde resin with formaldehyde as the synthetic raw material. Due to the instability of the chemical properties of urea formaldehyde resin, as long as the wood-based panel using urea formaldehyde resin can not avoid the natural decomposition of urea formaldehyde resin in the process of using the panel to produce formaldehyde, so it is impossible to do “ Zero formaldehyde ” Yes

what's more, some are good at “ Packaging ” In order to obtain the test results of low formaldehyde emission from the boards submitted for inspection, the merchants apply ammonia fumigation to the inferior boards with poor environmental protection grade, or spray formaldehyde sealant on the surface, and crown it with “ Zero formaldehyde &rdquo& ldquo; Health &rdquo& ldquo; Environmental protection &rdquo& ldquo; Green ” And other concepts. Compared with ordinary plates, this “ Special processing ” The low-quality plates cause greater harm to consumers. Because a large amount of urea formaldehyde resin is used in inferior plates, “ Special processing ” Only the free formaldehyde in the plate is covered for a short time, and there is nothing we can do about the formaldehyde released by the long-term decomposition of the plate& ldquo; Masking period ” After a while, formaldehyde will be released explosively

therefore, when buying furniture and choosing boards, consumers need to understand relevant knowledge to avoid being cheated

“ Environmental protection &rdquo& ldquo; Ecology ” How many lies make a name

environmental protection and health are the trends of furniture consumption in recent years. Carry “ Green &rdquo& ldquo; Environmental protection &rdquo& ldquo; Ecology ” And all kinds of flags, holding all kinds of “ Authentication &rdquo& ldquo; Qualification ” And so on, a small number of operators often ignore the facts and make false publicity to ordinary consumers who do not have professional knowledge, such as: “ Our cabinets are made of solid wood plates, which are very environmentally friendly and absolutely formaldehyde free &rdquo

in fact, the so-called “ Solid wood board ” Not 100% of the whole log, but block wood fragments (such as large core board), or wood flakes (such as multilayer board) are glued with adhesives such as urea formaldehyde resin. They differ from Particleboard and density board only in the degree of crushing of wood

according to experts in the industry, the formaldehyde in furniture wood-based panels comes from the adhesive in the panel, namely urea formaldehyde resin. The synthetic raw materials of urea formaldehyde resin are urea and formaldehyde. Urea formaldehyde resin is widely used in wood-based panels because of its good bonding effect and low cost. But its biggest drawback is that it is easy to decompose. The continuous decomposition of urea formaldehyde resin in the use of boards has become the source of formaldehyde emission from furniture

at present, some high-grade plates adopt the method of adding a small amount of other adhesives or formaldehyde trapping agents to urea formaldehyde resin, so as to reduce the use of urea formaldehyde resin and achieve a higher environmental protection grade. However, due to the negative impact of these additives on the bond strength, the addition ratio is also limited. On the other hand, as long as urea formaldehyde resin is still used in the plate, formaldehyde emission will still exist. At present, the vast majority of domestic claims “ Environmental protection ” The plate of is only E1 grade plate

then, “ Zero formaldehyde ” Is it really a complete false propaganda

scarce but existing, polish your eyes and choose “ Zero formaldehyde &rdquo

industry experts told the author that at present, only wood-based panels made with MDI can be called “ Zero formaldehyde ” Plate

the strong bonding effect of MDI can completely replace urea formaldehyde resin. Moreover, MDI is a very stable polymer monomer, which can produce a stable combined form with plant fibers to form 100% solids. Therefore, there is no defect that urea formaldehyde resin is easy to decompose, so there is no problem of formaldehyde release

at present, there are two major brands of wood-based panels manufactured by MDI in China. One is produced by Wanhua ecological board Co., Ltd., an enterprise directly under the SASAC; Wanhua Hexiang board ”, Mainly used for furniture manufacturing and decoration; The second is OSB oriented particleboard produced by lindson, a foreign-funded company, which is mainly used for construction and packaging

in addition to using MDI to replace urea formaldehyde resin, both companies have selected straw fiber to replace wood fiber. It can completely replace wood panels in terms of performance, so it is extremely beneficial to human body and society “ Real ” Pure environmental protection products

on the website of Wanhua Hexiang board, we see that the company's slogan is “ Boards that do not release formaldehyde ” Not “ Zero formaldehyde ”. The person in charge of the company explained that this is because formaldehyde has “ Content ” And “ Release amount ” The difference between. Materials from natural life bodies contain trace amounts of formaldehyde, and the straw of Wanhua Hexiang board also contains a very small amount of natural formaldehyde& ldquo; Zero formaldehyde ” For Hexiang board, it means that the release amount is zero. Therefore “ Boards that do not release formaldehyde ” Is a more rigorous statement

he also introduced, “ Zero formaldehyde ” The plates should have the “ Not detected ” Certification, NaF certification of American carb, etc. Consumers should carefully identify in the purchase process and never be credulous “ Huyou &rdquo

due to the problems of room volume, ventilation conditions and decoration degree, excessive use of artificial boards is easy to form excessive accumulation of formaldehyde in the room environment, especially in the bedroom and children's room, which is very harmful to the body. In serious cases, it will cause cancer, leading to leukemia, uremia, colon cancer, brain cancer and other diseases. This may also be the reason why businesses compete to publicize “ Zero formaldehyde ” The root cause of. However, consumers need to keep their eyes open when buying and beware of being cheated




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