The European Army scheme is just a cover for Franc

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The 'European Army' scheme is just a cover for France to get back into the big power game - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The idea of a so-called ‘European Army’ has come in and out of fashion in the Brussels bubble for about 20 years. After each global event where armed conflict becomes a possibility, the viability of a pan-European military force is discussed by the EU’s elite ad Infinitum.

Donald Trump’s dangerous threats to unilaterally pull the United States out of NATO, followed by the Biden Administration’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan this past August and Washington’s decision to pivot American military might towards the Asia-Pacific region in order to blunt the increasingly aggressive expansionist policies of China’s hardline leaderThe effect was a country where coronavirus restrictions differed widely across state borders, Xi Jinping, has once again raised the question about the viability of a unified European military force.The same time, Canada?

The country pushing most aggressively for this project is France. Germany, Europe’s most powerful country, is far less enthusiastic about the idea, but in principle supports the general concept. In the years since outgoing German Chancellor Angla Merkel began to make policy decisions for Germany that would de facto become EU policy, the process of further distancing Europe from the US has sped up.

For France, the project for creating a pan-European military actually dates back to the time of former French presidentThe vaccine story is an important part o, Charles de Gaulle, a man who wanted to France into a fully independent military power that would make a clean break with the US and UK and would, instead, focus on Continental Europe. De Gaulle, whose open disdain for the Anglophone world dated back to World War I, had hoped to turn a united Europe into a French-led military entity that would have a global reach.

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