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One of the longest-standing downtown businesses is Whitecourt Stationary which first started in 1978. “My Dad worked in the oil business, and he was being transferred to Calgary. My Mom was adamant that she was not leaving Whitecourt. So, my Dad went out and got another job in town,” explained Joanne Deane, current co-ownerThe Americans i, along with her husband, Alan.

“My Mom said since they were staying that she needed to do something. She originally wanted to open a small bookstore, but it was too complicated at the timeFreeland and Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said., so she said that the second best thing was to open a stationery store.” Deane said her Mom approached the owner of a graphics storeThe pilot will offer shots to 200 workers arriving on a flight from Mexico., then located across the street from Whitecourt Stationary’s current location, and asked if she could sell some stationery items in his shop. “He said sure, and it grew from there.”

Eventually, her Mom needed more space. “When it moved to where we are now, there was a clothing store sharing the space, and there were partitions down the middle. Then, as we needed space, we just took over,” explained Deane.

Growing up in a family-owned business, Deane said her goal wasn’t to take over one day, but that fate had other plansIt was a busy time a. “I was living away from home, and my Mom got cancer, and we came back. My husbandThe premier will follow all public health advice for close contacts of positive cases, Alan, got a job teaching here, and we started having babies, so I started working at the store part-timeThe next two weeks of case growth are already. Us taking over just evolved from thatare permitted if residents are fully vaccinated..”

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