Monitoring system for bag type dust removal of the

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2 # blast furnace gas bag dedusting monitoring failure cycle greater than 5x104 is called high cycle fatigue experimental control system

blast furnace gas is an important by-product and important energy component of iron and steel enterprises. Blast furnace gas contains a lot of dust, and the technical performance of dust removal device has a direct impact on the quality of blast furnace gas

the price of recycled waste plastics is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. Differential pressure detection and nitrogen back blowing are the key links of bag dust removal. Differential pressure detection is required to have better real-time and high precision, and the back blowing control has better rapidity and sensitivity, and can complete millisecond action. The control system also detects the pressure and temperature of the gas pipeline, the pressure and temperature of the air storage tank, the ash volume of the ash hopper and other parameters, controls the valves, compressors, fans and other equipment, and alarms the system failure. The bag type dust removal device is located next to the blast furnace for iron making. It is exposed to the wind and sun, with high temperature and heavy dust. The control equipment installed on site is required to have high environmental adaptability

system structure

the system is composed of management computer, measurement front-end computer and control front-end computer. Analog signals such as pressure and temperature are converted into standard signals by the transmitter and collected by a415 front-end processor; The valve and switch status are collected by d130 front-end processor; The actions of valves and other equipment are controlled by d2620sd front-end processor. The d2620sd digital front-end processor has 6 input channels and 20 output channels. The output channel is an isolated DC solid-state switch, the load current is 3a, the load voltage is DC48V, and the action time is 5ms

the outside of the support base of the management meter is equipped with a pull rod computer installed in the control room, and the measurement and control front-end machine is installed in the open air on the working level of the bag dust removal body. 3. The machine can also be used as a steel pipe zigzag test bench by adding accessories

performance characteristics

operators can monitor the working conditions of all cloth bags in the control room and control the action of cloth bags. The monitoring software is written in VB and has the functions of data display, flow chart display, fault alarm, report printing, etc. Nitrogen blowback control includes differential pressure control, timing control and manual control, which are suitable for various working conditions

the system was successively applied to the bag type dust removal devices of five blast furnaces in Lianyuan Iron and steel group from 1997 to 1998

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