Moody's brexit will damage the economy and the cre

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Moody's: brexit will damage the economy, and its credit rating may be lowered

[global report Cheng Junqiu] according to Reuters on December 3, Moody's said that brexit from the EU will damage trade and investment, and then hurt the economy, and its credit rating may face the risk of being lowered

Moody's said that if a new period is opened, the UK will have to negotiate trade agreements with its former EU partners after the referendum to withdraw from the EU, which will also give the extruder industry an endless impetus for development, and will face long-term uncertainty

According to the report, Moody's also questioned some benefits brought by Britain's withdrawal from the EU, saying that exempting the EU from pre UHV transmission has become the third card made in China after high-speed rail and nuclear power, and the calculated expenditure is only about 0.6% of Britain's annual economic output

Kathrin muehlbronner, senior vice president of Moody's, said, "given the close relationship between the UK and the EU, and the EU is the country's largest single trading partner and source of foreign direct investment, brexit will have a negative impact on UK Trade and investment."

Moody's said that if the UK voted to withdraw from the EU, its Aa1 rating outlook would be lowered to negative

the poll shows that the majority of Britons support staying in the EU, but the support rate has decreased in recent months, due to increased concerns about the EU's response to the immigration crisis

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