Monthly report of the hottest glass spot in June

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Glass spot monthly report in June

China glass composite index 1084 on June 30, 2017. 34 points, up -1 month on month. At 08:00, a year-on-year increase of 192. four p.m. China glass price index 1095. 79 points, up -0 month on month. 99 points, up 203 year-on-year. 05 o'clock; China Glass confidence index 1038. 53 points, up -1 month on month. 46 points, up 148 year-on-year. 60 o'clock. In June, a lot of time and capital have been saved. Since then, the glass spot market has been in a relatively low season, and the production and sales situation of glass production enterprises is worse than that in May. At the same time, under the influence of some production enterprises cleaning up their inventory products for half a year's financial performance, the rainy season in the South and the busy wheat harvest in the north, the spot prices in all regions showed a weak consolidation trend as a whole, and the manufacturers were blocked from leaving the warehouse. Moreover, the speed of cold repair and resumption of production of glass production lines has also accelerated recently. This month, four production lines were ignited and resumed production, only one production line was shut down, and the net increase in annual production capacity reached 10.8 million heavy containers, which has a certain adverse impact on the market price and later market confidence proposed in China's recent "energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development plan (year)". Therefore, although the regional production enterprises frequently held price coordination meetings in late this month, little effect was achieved

at the end of the month, the national average price of white glass was 1502 yuan, up -2 yuan month on month and 278 yuan year on year. At the end of the month, the capacity utilization rate of float glass was 72. 64%; Up 0 month on month. 70%, up 2% year on year. 09%。 The in-process production capacity was 93.864 million heavy containers, an increase of 10.8 million heavy containers month on month and 52.8 million heavy containers year on year. At the end of the month, the industrial inventory was 33.55 million heavy containers, an increase of 110000 heavy containers month on month, an increase of -280000 heavy containers year on year. Month end inventory days 13. 05 days, an increase of -0 month on month. 11 days, a year-on-year increase of -0. 89 days

macro level:

during the New York session on June 14, the Federal Reserve announced its latest interest rate resolution, raising interest rates by 25 basis points. Since then, Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, held a press conference. At this conference, Yellen expressed a relatively optimistic view on the U.S. economy, saying that interest rates should be raised step by step, and the table began to shrink within the year. Yellen pointed out that he hoped that the market would not react much to the FOMC scale reduction, which was a bit like "watching the paint dry" and should be carried out quietly behind the scenes. Yellen said that the Federal Reserve has not yet decided when to start to shrink its balance sheet, and may also implement the balance sheet plan relatively quickly

in the month of 2017, the national real estate development investment was 3759.5 billion yuan, with a year-on-year nominal increase of 8. 8%。 The housing construction area of real estate development enterprises was 6714.38 million square meters, an increase of 3% year-on-year. 1%。 The new construction area of houses was 651.79 million square meters, an increase of 9. 5%, and the growth rate fell by 1. The solution is actually not more than 6 percentage points. The completed area of houses was 339.11 million square meters, an increase of 5. 9%, the growth rate fell 4. 7 percentage points. The land acquisition area of real estate development enterprises was 75.8 million square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 5. 3%。 The sales area of commercial housing was 548.2 million square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 14. 3%, the growth rate fell 1% compared with the month. 4 percentage points. At the end of May, the area of commercial housing for sale was 66.18 million square meters, a decrease of 14.52 million square meters from the end of April. In May, the prosperity index of real estate development was 101. 18, down 0 from April. 05 o'clock

from a regional perspective, the market prices in South China and East China have fallen to a certain extent due to the impact of preferential promotional activities of manufacturers; Shahe region has a general trend this month, mainly de stocking; Market prices in Northwest and southwest regions have increased, with little impact on other regions

in terms of production capacity, there is a 600 ton cold repair and resumption production line in Shanxi, a 600 ton cold repair and resumption production line in Hainan, a 700 ton cold repair and resumption production line in Jiangsu and a 400 ton cold repair and resumption production line in this month. There is a 500 ton production line in Hebei that has been cold repaired and stopped production this month

regional trend:

the spot market in East China this month was dominated by narrow fluctuations, and the production and sales of production enterprises changed little. Market prices rose and fell with each other, with general confidence. On the one hand, in order to increase the operating efficiency for half a year, some listed companies give preferential treatment to the existing inventory, For products of the same quality and surrounding manufacturers, Zheng Hong, director of the Institute of materials and lightweight of China 1 automobile new energy development institute, pointed out: "At present, China's automobile industry has become an important force in the global automobile industry, which has a certain impact, and the price has fallen by a certain margin. Compared with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the market trend in Shandong, Henan and Anhui is slightly better. The increase and decrease of production capacity in East China this month is also obvious. In addition to the two production lines that ignite and resume production this month, there is another one that will be cold repair and resume production next month. Therefore, the contradiction between supply and demand in East China will be more serious next month It is more prominent, which is not conducive to the stability and small rise of market prices

the market trend in South China this month is weak, the production enterprises are generally out of warehouse, and the price changes are relatively large. Under the influence of preferential promotions of some manufacturers, the market trend in South China was weak in the early stage. Although the price stabilized and rebounded in the last ten days, the demand for orders in the terminal market did not increase significantly. The price rise is also mainly affected by the active price rise of production enterprises. In addition, Zhongshan Yufeng first-line project, which was ignited in the early stage of next month, plans to produce guide plates in the early stage of next month. The overall trend in Central China is general, and there is a plan to increase prices slightly at the end of the month

the overall trend of the North China market this month is stable, the production and sales of production enterprises fluctuate slightly, with a small range, and the market price is basically stable. On the whole, the situation of production enterprises in Shahe region is better than that in South China, East China and other regions this month, and the spot price is mainly stable for most of the time. Although some manufacturers' prices have loosened to a certain extent in the late days, it has little impact on the overall market price, and the manufacturer's inventory has not increased significantly. The impact of busy farming and wheat harvest on the terminal market has been eliminated in the late half of the month. It is expected that the market price in North China will remain stable next month, and there will be some changes under the influence of market price adjustments in other regions. From a regional perspective, it is better than the southern market

aftermarket overview:

the data released by the National Bureau of statistics shows that the national flat glass output in June is about 3. 400million heavy containers, with a year-on-year increase of 6. 4%; In May, the output of flat glass in a single month was about 73.06 million heavy boxes, an increase of 8% year-on-year. 9%。 From the perspective of monthly output and cumulative output, the growth rate is relatively large. At the same time, the capacity of cold repair and resumption of production in June is also relatively concentrated. The spot price performance this month is not satisfactory, and there is also great pressure on the later price. On the one hand, the production capacity continues to increase month on month and year-on-year. On the other hand, the national adjustment to the real estate industry also directly affects the consumption and demand for glass in real estate construction decoration and other industries. It is expected that price stability will prevail in July, and narrow range shocks in various regions are high probability events, and there will be certain pressure on the overall rise

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