Monthly report of the hottest epoxy resin Market

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Monthly report of epoxy resin Market

in May 2006, the domestic epoxy resin market performance was flat and calm. The overall characteristics are: the overall level and firmness of liquid products, and the overall level and softness of solid products. According to experts, the epoxy resin market atmosphere was light after the "May Day" festival. Due to the high market of upstream raw materials and the gradual digestion of market inventory, the supply of goods began to tighten from slow, and the manufacturers raised their quotations twice, including softening, especially the reduction of commencement and price of solid products. At the end of the month, the market of liquid epoxy resin was stable, and the epoxy resin industry association held a meeting of backbone enterprises to brew the price mechanism and strive to return the market price to a reasonable track

first, the domestic market

since this month, the sales of liquid products have mostly been contract goods, the level of product operation has been reduced, retail investors and some traders have difficulties in finding goods, and manufacturers' liquid products have raised the ex factory quotation, but due to the limited downstream affordability, the actual transaction is slightly lower, and the overall market is stable; Affected by the cost of raw materials and the market of solid products, many manufacturers shut down their devices, and the market of solid epoxy is stable and gradually soft. At the end of the month, the market of liquid epoxy resin stabilized, and the prices of liquid products of some manufacturers increased; The market for solid products has improved and the transaction price has moved up. Market experts said that at the same time, at the end of the month, the prices of upstream raw materials epichlorohydrin and bisphenol a rose again, and the profit space of epoxy resin was squeezed, but epoxy resin manufacturers were generally optimistic about the market and had a calm attitude

East China market. At the beginning of last month, the high-end quotation of liquid products in East China market was 28000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, and the actual transaction price 2 was 7500 yuan/ton of red phosphorus, which was widely used; The overall market of solid products weakened. In the middle of the year, 604 (E-12) in Huangshan area fell back to 21200 ~ 21500 yuan/ton, 601 (E-20) fell back to 23500 ~ 24000 yuan/ton, and some factories started poorly. Huangshan Hengyuan 12000 ton/year plant stopped for 3 days, and Huangshan Hengtai's operating rate was 70%. In the middle of the month, the mainstream price of liquid products was 618 (E-51) 26500 yuan/ton and 6101 (E-44) 26000 yuan/ton. Most manufacturers basically supplied to end users. Small orders were mostly high and market transactions were acceptable; Solid products continued to be weak, and the operating level fell sharply, with only about 50% in Huangshan area. The operation of liquid products in the latter half of the year was stable, and the mainstream price was the same as that in the middle half of the year, but the operating rate decreased; The market of solid epoxy resin continued to decline. 604 (E-12) in Huangshan area fell to 21100 ~ 21200 yuan/ton, down 300 yuan/ton compared with the middle of the year. Some manufacturers temporarily shut down their devices and quoted prices, which was close to the cost; With the rebound of epichlorohydrin price in late days, the market of liquid products has improved; The overall start-up of solid products has improved (maintained at about 80%), and at the end of the month, the mainstream price of 601 (E-20) is 23500 ~ 24000 yuan/ton, and 604 (E-12) is 21500 yuan/ton

Northeast market. In May, the overall market situation of epoxy resin in Northeast China was higher than the domestic average level. According to market experts, the ex factory quotation of liquid products in the early stage was about 26500 yuan/ton, and the contract transaction price was 26000 yuan/ton. The main manufacturers' devices operated normally, the sales were mainly contract goods, and the raw materials were scarce. Some manufacturers are also under pressure from costs and sales to reduce production load, and the market transactions are general. By the end of this month, the manufacturer will no longer insist on the quotation. The mainstream quotation is about 26000 yuan/ton, and there have been transaction prices below 26000 yuan/ton. Traders are generally enthusiastic about inquiring about goods

South China market. The mainstream quotation of 6101 (E-44) in South China market in the first ten days of last month was about 26500 yuan/ton. The market transaction was general and the market was relatively stable. In the middle of the year, the supply of some goods continued to be tight, and some manufacturers were forced to reduce the load and start construction under the pressure of cost, and the sales were mainly contract households. Traders offer more than 604 (E-12) 25000 yuan/ton, 6101 (E-44) 26000 yuan/ton, and the transaction situation is general. By the end of the last ten days, the ex factory quotation remained at 6101 (E-44) 26500 ~ 27000 yuan/ton, and the actual contract price was low. The supply of some manufacturers is still tight, the operating load has increased slightly, and the sales are mainly contract households. There are few negotiations on the supply of goods by manufacturers in Guangzhou and the transaction is high, which makes the quotation of traders firm at 604 (E-12) 26500 yuan/ton, 6101 (E-44) 26500 ~ 28000 yuan/ton, 618 (E-51) 27000 ~ 28000 yuan/ton, and the transaction situation is general. By the end of the month, the market was basically stable

North China market. The epoxy resin Market in the whole month is also stable. Market experts said that the liquid resin Market in Hebei remained stable, including 618 (E-51) and 6101 (E-44) transaction prices of 26000 ~ 26500 yuan/ton, local downstream demand was stable, and manufacturers' shipments were stable. The products of major manufacturers in Tianjin are basically for their own use and are rarely exported. By the end of the month, it was basically stable at the above price

II. Import market

domestic epoxy resin Market in May. In the early stage, the liquid products were stable and solid products weakened. Affected by the high market of upstream raw material epichlorohydrin, it fell into a dilemma. In the face of this external offer, Goldman Sachs has provided strong support. The offer of epoxy resin of international giants such as Hansen, Dow, South Asia and Jinhu has been significantly increased by $100/ton, and the quotation in the middle and early ten days is about $2600/ton (CFR China's main port). Market experts said that the domestic market price is: Hansen 828 is 28000 yuan/ton, Dow 331 is 27500 ~ 28000 yuan/ton, South Asia 331 is 27500 ~ 28000 yuan/ton, Jinhu 828 is 27500 ~ 28000 yuan/ton. The delivery is smooth and the transaction is OK. The epoxy resin Market in Asia was weak in the late days, and the domestic selling prices of Hansen, Dow, South Asia and Jinhu in China were adjusted to 27000 ~ 28000 yuan/ton, a decrease of about 500 yuan/ton compared with the previous period

from June, the epoxy resin outer disk increased. Each plate spring of Dow Chemical 6 will be tested. From January 1 or the date permitted by the terms of the contract, the price of epoxy resin in the Asia Pacific region (including India and Pakistan), the Middle East and Africa will be increased, including liquid epoxy resin amplitude modulation of $200/ton, solid epoxy resin, solid solution and brominated epoxy resin amplitude modulation of $150/ton, and special epoxy products amplitude modulation of $100 ~ 300/ton. Hansen chemical raised the price of epoxy resin in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The new price will be implemented from June 1st, 2006 or in accordance with the provisions of the treaty. Among them, the price of liquid, solid and epoxy resin solution in Europe will be increased by 100 euros/ton, and the price of epoxy resin mixed solution, special epoxy resin, high-performance resin, low bromine resin and epoxy resin diluent will be increased by 200 euros/ton; In the Middle East and Africa, the price of liquid, solid and epoxy resin solution is increased by $150/ton, and the price of epoxy resin mixed solution, special epoxy resin, high-performance resin, low bromine resin and epoxy resin diluent is increased by $250/ton

III. manufacturers

the increase in ex factory prices of major domestic epoxy resin manufacturers in May was mainly due to some manufacturers with relatively low original prices; However, some manufacturers, especially solid product manufacturers, lowered their prices throughout the month. Market experts said that at present, the pricing of domestic epoxy resin manufacturers is basically based on the leading enterprise Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory, whose price is generally about 500 yuan/ton higher than that of similar homogeneous products. In May, the ex factory prices of main varieties of domestic epoxy resin manufacturers are as follows:

manufacturer name, product model, ex factory quotation (yuan/ton)

Wuxi resin 601604/E-44 24500/26000

6101/e-44618/E-51 26500 ~ 27200

Baling Petrochemical CYD type/e-51 26500 ~ 27000

Anhui Hengyuan e-20/e-12 23700/21700

Guodu chemical E-51 26500

Wuxi Edison e-51/e-12 27000/28500 ~ 29000

Dalian homogenization dyd-127/dyy d-128 26300

Guangzhou Hongchang E-44 26500 ~ 27000

Huangshan Jinfeng E-12 22000

Huangshan Hengtai E-12 21800

Jinan Tianmao E-44/E-51 26000/27000

Guangzhou Dongfeng E-44/E-20 27500/24500

Haining Hailong e-39-d

IV. market trend

v. relevant information

the market seminar for epoxy backbone enterprises was held in Nanhu Hotel, Yueyang City, Hunan Province on May 19, 2006. The meeting reached a consensus on coordinating prices and stabilizing the market. Through a detailed analysis of the trend of domestic raw material prices and the global raw material supply and demand in the past two years, the meeting recognized that the current two major raw material prices of epoxy resin will continue to show an upward trend with the tight supply of raw materials and the demand of the rapid development of downstream; The price of epoxy resin will fluctuate sharply due to the final determination of epichlorohydrin anti-dumping and the global shortage of epichlorohydrin. Therefore, the epoxy resin industry should actively respond, unify and stabilize the market price, and play a role in the healthy development of the industry. The meeting also reached a consensus on the general trend of the shortage of raw materials in the market and the steady rise in the price of epoxy resin in the next stage. At the end of this month, some manufacturers actively responded to the call of this meeting, studied and discussed the introduction of new quotations, and it is expected that a new round of manufacturers' quotations will emerge one after another this month

VI. upstream raw material

bisphenol A. In May, the overall situation of domestic bisphenol a market was still not ideal, and the price continued to hang upside down. The general feature was that the external market was strong and the internal market was adjusted. After the May Day holiday, the market rose slowly after the traders pushed up and reported high. In the face of the rising price of upstream phenol and the strong quotation of the external market, traders joined hands today to talk about the matters needing attention of the material tensile testing machine Tentatively raising the quotation made the market rise slightly, but affected by the related product epichlorohydrin, the early delivery of downstream epoxy resin decreased actively, and the demand shrank in the middle and late stages due to the weakness of the market of products, especially solid products. The market callback at the end of the month played a role in the slight rise of bisphenol A. In the Asian bisphenol a market, after the Taiwan goods of 1310 US dollars/ton (CFR China) were traded in the early stage, the supplier's offer rose to 1350 US dollars/ton (CFR China) and continued to rise to 1400 US dollars/ton (CFR China); Subsequently, affected by the weak follow-up of the internal market and the low counter-offer intention of importers, the market slightly loosened. The domestic bisphenol a market came out of a small climax in late this month. Driven by the upstream and external market, the market performance was strong. The news that the import volume in April was less than 30000 tons further promoted the improvement of traders' mentality, and the market rose slightly. According to market experts, at the end of the month, the transaction price in East China was 13100 ~ 13200 yuan/ton, and that in Huangshan was 13300 yuan/ton

epichlorohydrin. After the festival, the domestic epichlorohydrin market was slightly weak and the market fell slightly; The ex factory price of domestic manufacturers remained stable, the shipment was smooth, and the start-up time of Tianhua device was postponed to late ten days; With the arrival before and after the festival or 1. The maintenance must be carried out with equal emphasis on maintenance and repair. The replenishment of imported goods and the expected driving of Tianhua will slightly ease the shortage of goods in the market; The performance of the outer disc is relatively stable, some of which are closed and not quoted. The mainstream offer is at the level of 2200 ~ 2300 US dollars/ton (CFR China), and the quotation of the Russian outer disc is 2170 US dollars/ton (CFR China). In the middle of the year, after the domestic epichlorohydrin market showed signs of fatigue, it entered the decline channel, and the market fell comprehensively under the pressure of the manufacturer's sharp reduction; In the bearish atmosphere of the future market, the enthusiasm of the downstream to receive goods gradually decreased, and the market fell immeasurably; In the same period, the external quotation remained firm, with Poland offering 2400 US dollars/ton (CFR China) in June and South Korea offering 2300 US dollars/ton (CFR China). The domestic epichlorohydrin market remained depressed in the last ten days, and the market basically remained stable; Tianjin Chemical 28000 T/a unit. After the unit was restarted on the 22nd, the ex factory price was set at 24500 yuan/ton. Qilu Petrochemical tried to stabilize the market by implementing the sales policy of "reporting high and selling low"; Near the end of the month, with the confirmation that the import volume in April was at a slightly low level of 12900 tons, and the related product bisphenol a continued to climb

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