More and more people choose fresh pasteurized milk

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More and more people choose fresh pasteurized milk

it is understood that since the 1990s, the world's major dairy producing countries have begun to pay attention to the quality of milk, and producing fresh and healthy milk has become the direction of the development of the world's dairy industry. This may lead to a strange phenomenon that pasteurized milk is fresh and healthy milk

according to the experts attending the China pasteurized milk Development Forum, although they are collectively referred to as "milk", the quality of all kinds of milk on the market is still very different. Pasteurized milk is processed at 72 ℃ and 85 ℃. At this time, bamboo powder is mainly processed by pasteurization method, which loses low boiling point volatile materials. This low-temperature sterilization can ensure the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms that may be contained in milk, without destroying lactoglobulin and most of the active enzymes (that is, the main nutrients in milk). In contrast, normal temperature milk adopts ultra-high temperature sterilization. The ultra-high temperature around 135 ℃ not only completely kills the bacteria in milk, but also destroys the active nutrients in milk to a certain extent. It can have a long shelf life at room temperature, which can meet the needs of consumers in areas with inconvenient transportation and environment for dairy products. Therefore, only pasteurized milk is really fresh and healthy milk

in developed countries in Europe and the United States, pasteurized milk accounts for 90% of the total dairy consumption, and is a popular daily drinking milk in Europe and the United States. Experts also said that pasteurized milk is the fresh and healthy milk suitable for the public to drink every day. With the improvement of people's health awareness, the sales of pasteurized milk are also increasing in many large cities and economically developed areas in China. Pasteurized milk has gradually become the protagonist of the relevant functions of the electronic universal experimental machine in China's dairy market, and more and more consumers have joined the ranks of drinking pasteurized milk. Producing and drinking fresh and healthy pasteurized milk has also become the common development direction of dairy processing and people's life. However, many consumers still know little about the identification method of pasteurized milk. In fact, it is very simple to identify pasteurized milk. Generally, pasteurized milk is packaged in glass bottles, fresh house cartons, fresh cups, plastic bags and so on. Many Weigang bottled milk ordered at home is a typical high-quality pasteurized milk

information source: Nanjing Morning Post

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