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Polyester industry chain monthly report: rising raw materials rise, downstream follow-up is difficult, and the aftermarket is facing a test

according to the usual practice in previous years, it is basically understandable to start rising in mid August; After all, for the textile industry, the most prosperous season of the year is coming. But this year, there was a situation that the downstream cried out for poverty and the upstream silk price rose by itself

Table: price statistics of some polyester chain products from August 15 to September 15






polyester short

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note: PX is FOB Korea, USD/ton; PTA and MEG are internal prices; The slice is semi light; POY is 150/48, DTY is 150/48, low elasticity, FDY is 68/24

as shown in the above table, after a continuous rise for a month, PTA and MEG are firmly above the 10000 yuan level, polyester chips are climbing to more than 13000 yuan/ton, polyester short is also rising to 14000 yuan/ton and above in the near future, and the conventional poy150/48 is already at 14800 yuan/ton and above, close to 15000 yuan/ton. In terms of product growth, the growth of some polyester filament products has lagged far behind the rest of polyester chain products

it coincides with the middle of September. Although polyester is a product with a slight increase in this round of price rise, in terms of oil prices in the same period, the current price of the silk industry has far exceeded the price when the oil price hit a record high in July 2008. Can filament products continue to rise? When will the situation of upstream rising and downstream falling continue? Market fear of heights, he stressed: "Graphene is a kind of low-density filler, which continues to spread, and there are more and more questions about where the market will go next.

raw material Market:

after entering the third quarter, polyester raw material units, especially PX and PTA units, have been in constant accidents, and the news of shutdown has come from time to time; first, the fire in CNOOC Huizhou refinery caused the shutdown of the annual output of 840000 tons of PX unit, and then there was the news that the restart was postponed to November; then there was a series of fires in Formosa Plastics As a result, the Taiwan government ordered it to rectify, involving its annual output of 270000 tons of PX devices; Later, there was the Fujia Dahua incident, and since then, adverse news also came from the 1million ton PX unit of Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical. It is worth mentioning that according to the incomplete statistics of ccfei, the total production capacity of PX units under planned maintenance in Asia during the month totaled more than 7million tons, and the cumulative loss of effective PX output was about 1million tons, equivalent to about 1.5 million tons of PTA output. The equivalent of the new unit of Hailun Petrochemical was completely offset

similarly, in the third quarter, the PTA plant was also constantly overhauled. Yangzi Petrochemical 350000 tons, Taihua Ningbo 800000 tons, Yisheng Ningbo 3.3 million tons, Zhuhai bp900000 tons, Jiangyin Hanbang 600000 tons, Luohua 325000 tons, Shanghai Petrochemical 400000 tons and so on were shut down successively; More devices repeatedly send start and stop messages. The parking equivalent of these PTA devices is enough to offset the expansion of Eason (Ningbo + Dalian) this year

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