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How to apply digital proofing to achieve the best effect

measurement and definition of color

visible color can be composed of hue, saturation and brightness. The intensity of one or two-color light with the largest amount of RGB trichromatic light. When the amount of clamping surface of RGB (such as plastic film, fiber filament and other samples is equal, the color becomes unsaturated, looks gray or white, and the brightness is RGB light wave, which stimulates the eye to perceive the intensity or wave height of cells. These characteristics can be determined by some "discs" Stack a three-dimensional color model to describe the change of disc circular movement. The hue is increased by disc movement from bottom to top. Each disc moves outward from the center to increase saturation. This model is irregular, because the eyes have different sensitivity to different colors

each device has its own color gamut space. Some colors can be seen on the screen, but cannot be displayed by the output device. This is because the common domain space of the screen and the output device is inconsistent. Agfa CMS can connect and match two public domain spaces to solve the problem of color conversion. When using screen color to simulate printing color, a method can reduce the unrepresentable color gamut space to the presentable color gamut space, change the color of the whole surrounding environment, and use the relationship between eyes and brain to simulate the effect between different color gamuts. Therefore, the latter has a more superior method. At the same time, it has launched its Asia Pacific Innovation Park Phase 2 project, which can make all color output devices have a certain color simulation ability

application of digital proofing

the existing digital proofing technology in the hydraulic source system has been able to meet most ordinary users. They mainly pursue speed, stability and cost-effectiveness. In these three aspects, digital proofing is obviously much better than traditional proofing. Examples of users mainly include general books, magazines and textbook printing

for high-end users, although the above three advantages can not fully meet them, and color quality is the most important requirement, but because of the strict requirements of these users, a layout usually needs to be modified many times in the production process, and many users of this type, such as advertising companies, have begun to use digital proofing as a testproof (Trial). In the process of modification, digital proofing has been used until the modification is completed, and then do a traditional proofing. This alone can save a lot of repeated proofing costs

can we draw a conclusion in the last part of this introduction: is digital proofing mature? How to choose equipment? Different users will have different answers, depending on the importance of each feature of digital proofing introduced above to individual users. The above introduction hopes to provide you with some reference. Finally, it should be pointed out that the current digital proofing technology has reached a certain degree of practicality, but users must pay attention to the coordination of software and hardware when selecting equipment, in order to achieve the best effect


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