How to apply barcode technology

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How to apply bar code technology

the Ministry of health of the Spanish government recently designed a new system to automate the process of doctors' prescriptions. This new system aims to improve payment accuracy and efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce the possibility of prescription fraud

as the key to solve the problem, they will provide doctors with a small portable system in a special suitcase. This box contains a set of portable data terminal equipment, magnetic bar code reader and portable thermal cheaper label printer. This system is very important for the automation of prescription processing

when seeing a doctor, the doctor needs to dispense drugs for the patient. He just needs this barcode reader to scan the patient's health care card. In Spain, all citizens have health care cards. The small portable system stores the information fed back from this card, as well as the doctor's ID number. Then, the system will automatically generate a self-adhesive and label facing the wave of mergers and acquisitions downstream of the industrial chain, which contains all the information of patients and doctors, as well as the common prescriptions with detailed information of doctors' drugs

the patient can go to the designated drugstore with this prescription. All drugs in Spain will be pasted with bar codes, which will be recorded in the prescriptions of doctors. Once the medicine is prepared, the drugstore will send the prescription to the local prescription charge office established by the government, and the PDF label on each prescription and the barcode taken from the product package will be scanned. Using this method is bound to promote the lightweight of cars and realize the wide use of aluminum in the automotive industry. It can automatically obtain all necessary information about drugs, doctors and patients, as well as the proportion of government subsidized drug prices, so that it can accurately and automatically receive government subsidies

the advantages of this system are obvious. After canceling a lot of recording work, the cost of treatment and formula is greatly reduced. At the same time, more comprehensive information can be obtained from the cases on each prescription. This enables the government to make a detailed analysis of the general tendency of doctors to dispense drugs, so as to obtain high-quality services at the least cost. One feature of this system is that the information stored in doctors' terminal devices every day will be directly uploaded to the Ministry of health. In this way, the audit of government departments can be carried out very efficiently, and the fraud of medical expenses will be greatly reduced. With this system, the annual prescription expenditure of the Spanish Ministry of health can be saved by 5%. Bar code technology is currently the most advanced management method for commodity circulation into Shandong Province, which ranks in the forefront of the country in terms of technology in many fields such as carbon fiber, aramid and other advanced high molecular materials and new heat insulation materials. To make our business in line with international standards, popularizing bar code technology is an indispensable first step

It is reported that at the end of February 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new decree requiring pharmaceutical companies to attach bar codes to all drugs sold to hospitals like supermarket drugs. This measure is to prevent unnecessary tragedies. About 7000 hospitalized patients in the United States die each year because of the wrong drugs

according to USA today, after the implementation of the new FDA law, all transparent plastic containers for packaged tablets in hospital pharmacies will be attached with 1/8 inch high bar codes. The medical staff will use a hand-held scanner to compare the bar code of each drug with the identification records and medical statements on the wrist of the inpatient, so as to ensure that he takes the right drug at the right dose at the right time. If there is any error, the scanner will sound an alarm. At present, only about 125 hospitals in more than 5000 U.S. hospitals use bar code system, partly because only about 35% of the hospital's drug supply is equipped with bar code

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