How to apply checker to linkage mechanism

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How to apply the checker to the connecting rod mechanism

I. for example, check whether the tail molding of the connecting rod mechanism is completed

second, the test results of sensor detection and monitoring:

we use the external trigger method to detect the connecting rod mechanism, as shown in figure 1:

we set the tools according to the product characteristics in the figure. Because the position angle of the product itself is uncertain, we need multiple tools to detect its various positions, as shown in Figure 2: mm

when the product is in different positions in Figure 2, Different detection tools successively obtain the image parameters we need, and when the tail of the cylinder with mismatched shape and state appears, no tool can pass, as shown in figure 3:

compare the pictures of the two cases, and then by setting our checker logic circuit function, we can make our two different products give two different outputs, As shown in figure 4:

in this way, the products required by customers can be well detected

let's look at the pattern differences of column features

when we choose the right tool, the threshold value on the two pictures is also very different. In this way, we can judge whether the product is what we need. At the same time, we can save it in the checker in different ways, and switch and call parameters through the PC or the i/o module of the checker

III. connection of electrical system

if only the products with flying wire mode of the checker host are selected, our wiring mode is as follows:

the public com of the checker and the com of the customer PLC sincerely solve the problem for the customer, and the equipotential at the end can realize the direct control connection, so that the PLC can get the signal. Among them, the output setting of the flying line is shown in Figure 7

if we need to select the i/o expansion module, we can connect with external devices through the i/o module. Only people's understanding of technical talents has changed the communication connection, as shown in figure 8:

IV. product parameters

v. services provided

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