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How to apply photosensitive glue on semi-automatic silk printing machine

1 Check whether the photosensitive glue is enough. Generally, 1/4 of the tank is enough. If not, re prepare the photosensitive glue

2. Pour the photosensitive glue into the sizing device of the semi-automatic silk printing machine and exercise until it is 2/3 full. Hold the middle point of the sizing device with your right hand and keep balance on both sides; Hold the upper and lower frames of the plate frame with your left hand and put them on the clean ground. The plate forms an angle of 45 degrees with the ground, and apply glue from bottom to top; The included angle between the sizing device and the cloth is 45 degrees; Only from bottom to top, the part not coated with 67 ~ 93hr15t can be starched again until there is photosensitive glue on the whole surface and it is very uniform

3. Put the version coated with photosensitive glue and the cloth with increasing international influence in China's plastic machine industry into the semi-automatic silk printing machine. After about 10 minutes, no water drops can be seen on the cloth; When there is no water drop on the surrounding frame, the version is dry. You can apply photosensitive glue for the second time to match with the loading system. Drying again, you can print

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