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Internet marketing how to attract consumers

Internet has gradually stepped into preschool from childhood. Although there is still a long way to go in the future, it also shows that it is beginning to mature. Now the Internet is not only a place for people to release news and see entertainment, but also a carrier that can create value for the world economy. Network marketing is gradually recognized by many advertisers and shows its wonderful side

when Internet just entered the role of "media", Internet advertising became the representative of the first generation of Internet marketing. Put a picture somewhere, because of curiosity, people will naturally click, thus realizing the purpose of publicity and the mission of introducing advertisers into Internet. However, after entering the Web2.0 era, the Internet has undergone some changes. "Interaction and sharing" has become a fashionable term in the whole network circle, and has also become a sharp weapon for network marketers to deceive advertisers. Those who seduce advertisers to put online advertisements must be the so-called interaction and sharing; All network marketing must be "solicitation +minisite+ selection". So the so-called network marketing model was determined, and it has also become a haven for lazy network marketing planners

but it has become an indisputable fact that the noise and effect of the online media environment are declining day by day. In fact, advertisers who never look at picture advertisements are also struggling in their hearts: "we always hear how good the online marketing effect is. Can we do it if we don't do it?". But their own experience of using the Internet also makes them very confused, and they don't know how to do Internet marketing. But if you think in a different way, you may find the answer

network is not just a media, it expands our living space, just like the extension of our life. We can walk inside, play mahjong, pick up girls and buy clothes. It has been used to manufacture important shaft parts in cars, tractors and machine tools. It has almost achieved all the living needs we need to achieve in our life, and these satisfaction levels are constantly improving. So it's not just a media. Portals such as Sina Sohu are more like an ancient government. Everyone gets up every morning and goes to the gate of the government to see the notice ~. Some smart owners posted a small advertisement on the gate of the government, "Liu family tofu and Xishi are in charge, and the taste is mellow and tender". The sales volume is so good that everyone posted a small advertisement at the gate of the yamen, which formed "psoriasis", so his "media effect" is not good. You can't blame yamen for this, because he is not a media ~ ~. So, if you look at the Internet in this way, you will understand that there are still many places on the Internet that can be used as media. People who like tofu don't just drive to the gate of Yamen to read the notice, but also like to study how tofu is made, and go to the farmland to see what good beans are... There are many ways to affect them, and they should be good at discovering and using unlimited network resources

because networking is a very free space, you can't force consumers to accept you or participate in your marketing activities, so you must have a good reason to attract them, and networking marketing can produce results. be careful! It's the "reason", not the media! At present, network marketing is mainly "Zhenghai magnetic material for the recovery of wind power downstream of interactive business; and benefiting from high oil and gas boom marketing", "search engine marketing", "e-commerce" and "word-of-mouth marketing". That's about it today

interactive marketing: its biggest benefit is to bring happiness or other practical benefits to participants. This is the core of interactive marketing, because only with happiness can consumers participate, let them actively spread, and achieve the goal of enhancing brand stickiness and consumer loyalty. It needs creative activity planning and many brain cells to support, so it is actually the most difficult form of network marketing, which requires higher creative ability of the company. Hongchenghao believes that at present, the stronger companies that do interactive marketing in China are the traditional 4A people who are good at creativity, and some companies that specialize in interactive creativity, such as Zhishi and enresos. The local network advertising companies' ability in this regard is still relatively unsatisfactory. The brainy speech always makes the so-called interactive camp excellent electronic universal experimental motor sold by the exchange servo speed regulation system into "wishful thinking marketing", which helps advertisers vigorously spread their stalls on the Internet, but because the activity itself has no new ideas and interests, the audience's participation is very low, There was no way but to find a gunman to foil the popularity, which made everyone very unhappy. In the long run, the proportion of such marketing forms will be smaller and smaller. More fast-moving brands suitable for interactive marketing will try many new forms of online marketing, and many make-up interactive marketing will gradually withdraw from the historical stage

e-commerce: its significance lies in saving consumers' costs and bringing tangible benefits to consumers. Therefore, it must have a reason to exist, and it should be the mainstream of network marketing in the future. Moving a large number of things that can be sold to the Internet may become a fact in the near future. In the future, the application of network media will become more and more practical, and the evaluation of network media will be more linked to the evaluation criteria such as sales or the current market tension machine. Some screw rods are T-shaped ordinary screw rods, and the acquisition of consumer information. Therefore, more long tail media will get their own living space, and the process of value discovery will make the cake of online marketing bigger and bigger. If the Internet is regarded as a living space, the portal is Wal Mart Carrefour, and many small leagues are Jingkelong. Everyone can sell things, and it's time to correct our name ~

search engine marketing (SEM): as long as there is Internet, it will exist, because the network information is too complex, and the cost of obtaining information for consumers is too high, and search engine is their best choice. His point of interest is that it saves consumers the cost of obtaining information. At present, SEM still stays in the method of buying some keyword ranking, SEO, or cheating. By improving the ranking, consumers can understand themselves. Because his effect is visible and touchable, it is easy to be recognized by advertisers. (here's one more sentence: if you don't passively want to make consumers accept it, the research and development of new media online is best to find a reason for its inevitable existence, and people won't consciously take the initiative to trigger advertisements in the text. Content orientation is more effective than content relevance, so many online media companies don't wishful thinking when developing media ~ ~) but search engine marketing is more than that, The future search engine is the entrance of this network marketing. It is a network marketing engine that integrates consumer information acquisition, internet word-of-mouth effect display, and finally realizes sales. It will form an independent network marketing main line with interactive marketing. The future is limitless

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