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AWS extends cloud computing to Canada and the United Kingdom

a few days after the re:invent conference, AWS announced the further expansion of the region. Amazon has set up a site in Montreal and London respectively, which have become the 15th and 16th regions of AWS cloud computing

Montreal station is nominal as Canada (central) region and is the largest station of AWS in Canada. Like all AWS areas, Montreal area 3 Heating and cooling device: heating and cooling is a necessary condition for the plastic extrusion process. Multiple available areas (AZ) are provided for redundant backup purposes. The data center in each available area is powered by separate electricity. According to AWS, 99% of the electricity in Canada is generated by hydropower. There are many reasons for Amazon to expand to Canada, but there is only one reason for Quebec, that is, there is room for expansion

aws chose to expand its business, technology and data sovereignty in this region. The Seattle based cloud computing giant said that some customers, especially government agencies, want to keep applications and data in their own countries

Lena Trudeau, head of the public sector of AWS in Canada, said that the political environment in these regions is very different. Many Canadian companies keep their data in Canada for regulatory and perceptual reasons. Therefore, the adoption of cloud computing will be limited because some of its customer groups, such as the public sector

Amazon, have many sites in Quebec. Gales said that for AWS, this is a problem of network capacity requirements. The region is rich in electricity, and the province is also committed to a long-term strategy for renewable resources

aws raised the issue of network connection when announcing the Canada region in their blog. They claim that the lower delay limit from Montreal to Toronto is 9ms, to Calgary is 47ms, and to Vancouver is 60ms. It takes 9ms from Montreal to New York, 16ms to Northern Virginia (eastern United States), and 75ms to Oregon (western United States)

Canada (central) region provides common AWS services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon dynamodb, Amazon redshift, Amazon elastic MapReduce, Amazon glacier, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, AWS elastic beanstalk and AWS snowball. However, not all AWS services are currently available. The services that have not been provided mainly include Amazon API gateway, Amazon EFS, Amazon workspaces, AWS lambda, AWS opsworks stacks and AWS service catalog. Therefore, it is not surprising that most recently released services (such as Amazon Athena, Amazon lightsail, and AWS managed services) have not been enabled

Amazon also announced the establishment of a new region in Europe. The London region is the third region of AWS in the European Union. The first two regions are Frankfurt region and Ireland region. Although many companies in the UK have used AWS services in other parts of the EU, Amazon emphasizes the value of the London region as a UK region, which is in line with UK certification

the design and construction of each AWS area are in strict compliance with compliance standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, soc3 and PCI DSS level 1. Our cloud compliance page lists information about these standards, as well as specific information about the UK, including cyber essentials plus

the British government recognizes that the local data center provided by the super large public cloud computing provider can provide a secure solution for the official workload. In order to meet the special security needs of the UK public sector for the official workload, we work with our direct connect partners to ensure that the connection obligations with the public service network (PSN) and N3 are met, which are equally important for subsequent recycling

as in Canada, the new UK region can currently provide some AWS services. Customers can use standard services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon dynamodb, Amazon SQS, and Amazon VPC. The services that can not be provided for the time being are: Amazon API gateway, Amazon lightsail, and Amazon only test the torque for 5 cycles when the average torque is zero machine le8 It can realize the fast/slow lifting and lowering adjustment of the beam during sample clamping arning, AWS cloud HSM and AWS directory service

the three major cloud computing providers continue to actively expand globally. Although Microsoft claims to have the most cloud regions (azure is located in a unique geographical location), it is important to recognize the difference between Microsoft and AWS in how to define regions. Each Amazon zone contains one or more available zones that act as separate data centers. For azure, one region may have its own data center, or several regions may share one data center. In any case, Microsoft has announced that it will expand further in the United States, France and South Korea. AWS plans to add a Paris area in the coming months. Google plans to enter Australia, Brazil, Germany, India and the United Kingdom in 2017. It remains to be seen what impact this expansion of cloud computing services will have on the hosting services and their suppliers that used to rely on geographical advantages

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