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Australian scientists use waste plastic bags to generate carbon nanotubes

the pollution of plastic bags to the environment is well known. However, the current waste plastic bag recycling system is not perfect, resulting in rampant white pollution. Recently, it was learned that scientists from the University of Adelaide in Australia cut the non degradable plastic bags into pieces and then put them into the furnace for evaporation. The amount of carbon obtained not only exceeded the target value, but also exceeded 5 The tested sample shall be fixed in the middle of the sample rack as far as possible, and shall not be placed on one side at random, otherwise no toxic substances will be generated during the tilt of the basket of the cold and hot impact test box

Tariq altalhi, who is currently studying for his doctoral degree, found that in fact, any carbon source can be used in the formation of carbon nanotubes. Researchers from the school of chemical engineering of the University have developed a method to generate carbon nanotubes on alumina film

in the late 1970s, scientists in New Zealand found that small fiber clusters were formed on the surface of two graphite electrodes when an electric spark was generated. Electron diffraction measurements showed that the wall spikes were composed of graphite like carbon. In fact, multi wall carbon nanotubes have been observed

carbon nanotubes are widely used with the development of science and technology. In fact, they exist in every corner of our life - solar panels, ordinary batteries, retractable components and recently emerging carbon nano computers

with the rapid development of China's carbon nanotube random access memory market, the application and R & D of the related core production technology will certainly become the focus of enterprises in the industry

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