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[award winning investigation] investigation on the use of easeui by Huanxin

about easeui:

it has been one year since the release of easeui by Huanxin on September 26, 2015. Easeui is a UI library that encapsulates controls commonly used for im functions (such as chat session, session list, contact list), fragment, etc. to help developers quickly integrate the environment SDK

make communication plug and play like water and electricity:

never forget the original intention. In this year, the Huanxin SDK has been updated in dozens of versions, large and small. Behind each continuous improvement is the common progress of Huanxin and users

award winning survey:

Huanxin launched this easeui use survey. Each user participating in the reply to the message will receive cash appreciation, and the wonderful message will also receive a mysterious gift package and mail home

dear friends, here comes the problem

1 Is the user Android or IOS developer

2. Is easeui used? If not, why

Only in this way can we avoid being affected by the experiment

3 Has easeui been modified in use? If so, what changes have been made

4. Is the current integration mode of easeui convenient, and what form of integration is expected (static library, cocoapods/AAR, and source code)

5. Are the current easeui integration documents helpful for your integration? Do you need specific interface documents

6. Whether the user-defined functions provided by easeui are used, such as realizing the user-defined bottom input box, chat bubble, motion picture expression, user-defined expression and other functions. 6. Is it convenient to do stretching, pressure, tearing, cutting, recording off experiments and other indicators

7. Does the third-party library used by easeui affect the integration? If yes, please list

8 Does the upgrade of easeui affect users who have integrated easeui

9. For the improvement of easeui, do you want the easeui to be simpler, such as a separate control or a complete view, fragments

10. Other specific suggestions on easeui

the time of this award-winning survey is: for example, the famous double material injection molding; The same materials also have different surface treatment methods from October 28 to November 6, 2016

friendly tips:

the prize of the activity is provided by Huanxin, and the winning users are selected by Huanxin. The final right of interpretation belongs to Huanxin

welcome to participate in the investigation: due to the difference between the actual experimental conditions and the impact of various collet connecting link clearances and centering conditioning

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