The whole process reliability test scheme for the

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Whole process reliability test scheme for notebook computer manufacturing

1. Programmable constant temperature and humidity box (whole machine resistance to damp and heat, high temperature aging, cold and temperature storage test) -40~+150 ℃, 30~98%rh

2. Cold and hot shock test chamber (used for product R & D, whole machine, circuit board and electronic component screening) low temperature -65 ℃ high temperature 150 ℃

3. Electrostatic discharge generator (used for product research and development, electronic components on the circuit board may be damaged due to static electricity during storage, transportation, assembly and use in a dry environment) has a beautiful static appearance, and the electric voltage is 20kV (positive and negative)

4. Salt spray test chamber (used to simulate the actual use of notebook computers in sweat resistant, humid and salt containing environments)

5. Ultraviolet lamp (UV) test box (used to simulate the exposure environment, and the conditions encountered when the laptop is placed in the car, suburb and beach under the hot sun)

6. Sand dust test box (used to simulate the use of the laptop in desert, sandy, dusty and other harsh environments)

7. Falling ball impact tester (used for laptop shell coating and shell impact resistance test) steel ball weight 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000g impact height 200~2000mm

8. Vibration dynamic test (used for product R & D, simulating the vibration environment of the product during transportation, and discovering the defects in the product design and assembly process in advance) frequency 5000Hz displacement 25mm computer control

9. Printing abrasion resistance tester (used for testing abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of notebook computer surface spraying) medium: alcohol cotton cloth, pencil and eraser with a load of 80~1000 G

10. The key life tester (used for fatigue test of notebook computer keyboard) has a load of 80g ~ 500g

11. Note-book spindle life testing machine (used for notebook computer spindle fatigue life test) angle testing machine has also experienced simple manual control and pendulum force measurement for 5~1800 times at a rate of 5~15 times

1 waterproof works also need to be done. 2. Hybrid recorder (used to test the development of notebook computers and measure the temperature, voltage, current and other characteristic changes of multiple components when the computer is running)

13. Plug in force tester (used for fatigue test of plug-in and pull-out force of USB, 1394, audio output end, power adapter input end and plug-in equipment connection end of notebook computer) speed 10 if the expanded production reaches the production capacity of ~60 times/min, the load capacity of digital display is 50kg

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