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Award of outstanding student scholarship of PPG industry group, School of chemistry, Nankai University on April 1, award of outstanding student scholarship of PPG industry group, School of chemistry, Nankai University. Yancaiming, general manager of PPG's Asia Pacific government affairs and business development department, Li Yue, director of Asia Pacific government affairs and business development, name of Asia Pacific government affairs and materials: zhouxinyu, manager of plastic film business development, zhaohang, manager of Asia Pacific government affairs and business development, Lvjun, human resources manager of Tianjin factory, Hanxue, human resources manager of automotive coatings in China, gaozhiyong, deputy director of Student Affairs Department of the Party committee of Nankai University The hydrostatic strength equipment of Nankai University has arrived. Zeng Lijian, deputy director of the office of the development committee, niuwenli, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the school of chemistry, and teachers from the student work office attended the award ceremony

at the award ceremony, the leaders of the company first read out the list of award-winning students and issued certificates to 10 award-winning students. Later, Li Yue introduced the historical origin of PPG scholarship and Nankai University, and encouraged the award-winning 2.1 automatic zeroing: after the experiment began, students made persistent efforts to repay the society with better results. Lihaixia, a representative of the award-winning students and a 2009 Master's student, delivered her acceptance speech. She said that the scholarship set up by PPG company made everyone deeply feel the warmth and expectation from the school and the society. Everyone will continue to work hard to strengthen their professional knowledge, improve their ability to serve the society, and live up to the ardent hopes of the school, the enterprise and the society

after that, the company also played a video propaganda film, Yan Caiming introduced the corporate culture of PPG, and answered the students' questions on the development plan of chemical talents. The atmosphere at the ceremony was warm, and Yan Caiming's wonderful explanation caused bursts of applause from everyone from time to time

At the end of the ceremony, Niu Wenli thanked the company and all departments of the University for their strong support for the development of the College of chemistry, and encouraged the award-winning students to study hard the social sense of the enterprise, be proactive, and make greater contributions to the society in the future

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