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Qinxiaolong, organizer of Chongqing Oushennuo ceramic "nuodang plan" public welfare line: giving is more blessed than receiving

a child ran over and said, "uncle, thank you!"

Qin Xiaolong said, "son, it should be me. Thank you."

giving is more blessed than receiving - giving is a kind of happiness, because you are rich. This kind of wealth usually has nothing to do with wealth, but mainly spiritual wealth

the picture shows Qin Xiaolong, general manager of Chongqing Oushennuo's "Nuodeng plan" public welfare action organizer

on December 25, 2017, on Christmas day, the "Nuodeng plan" Oushennuo Chongqing station organized more than 20 volunteers to go to Feilong primary school, Feilong village, Yunji Town, Changshou District, Chongqing to send warm winter wishes to 65 children, each with a set of cotton padded clothes, scarves, stationery sets and other materials. All the volunteers in the same industry have unique skills, full marks of talent, and are fully prepared to attend classes for the children, play games together, and spend a happy Christmas together

the children received the new cotton padded clothes sent by "Santa Claus"

Qin Xiaolong, a native of Ya'an who has been rooted in Chongqing for more than ten years, worked silently and sought truth from facts in his life. Thanksgiving is a word he often talks about. He hopes to take practical actions to make his children learn to be grateful. For the public welfare activities, he spared no effort. The smooth progress of this activity benefited from the full cooperation and support of Qin Xiaolong, general manager of Chongqing Oushennuo ceramics, and his team

q: Hello, President Qin. As far as I know, Chongqing Oushennuo is about to enter its eleventh year under your leadership. How many people are there in our team now

President Qin: I have lived in Chongqing for 12 years, and Ou Shennuo has operated in Chongqing for 11 years. Our team is now close to 100 people, and there are 22 franchisees in districts and counties, which are still expanding. If there is an opportunity, I will also take my children to participate in some public welfare activities

q: do you usually pay attention to the problems of our left behind children? As an entrepreneur, how do you think you can help them

president Qin: as far as I know, the situation in Chongqing's villages and towns is relatively serious. Because of the outflow of population and other reasons, young people go to other places to work, leaving the elderly to take care of children in domestic farmers. I think in addition to donation, it is also important to care about the children's psychology and spend more time with them. Through their own ability and influence, at least let people around them pay attention to and participate, including employees, partners, etc. Public welfare is a matter of collecting firewood for everyone to continue

volunteers have said that the smiling face of children is our greatest gain

q: who did you invite in the volunteer team of this public welfare activity? Do you usually participate in social public welfare activities

president Qin: employees and their families, we try our best to involve people around us. We have participated in other public welfare activities before, but those are all with the organization. This is the first time that we have initiated and operated the whole process by ourselves

the picture shows a small art class

q: which part of today's activity impressed you the most? What is the biggest feeling in your heart

president Qin: "the link of painting aspiration". It's comforting to see that they all have ideals and boldly tell us to write them, which gives me motivation. I hope that one day they can have a broader world. The interaction with children makes me feel innocent. People should learn to be grateful and content

left behind families visited by volunteers

q: why do you encourage customers, employees and partners to participate in public welfare together? What does it mean? How do you think an enterprise should better undertake social responsibility and give play to its social value

president Qin: doing business depends on quality and personality, and doing public welfare is a practice of dedication. An enterprise should fulfill its social responsibilities, so as to establish a good corporate image and help build a benign corporate culture. It is a win-win process. So for this volunteer team, I give priority to the internal employees to sign up and let them participate in this public welfare practice. To my surprise, the internal staff has filled the quota within 15 minutes, which makes me very moved

the picture shows the volunteer team of Chongqing station of "Nuodeng plan" coming to the local primary school.

Chongqing Oushennuo ceramics has a warm, young and humane team, which is committed to building the company into an enterprise with strong social responsibility and responsibility. According to President Qin, Chongqing Oushennuo is also outstanding in the ranks of local ceramic tiles. They insist on receiving every customer with sincerity

through this activity, we saw that the school children gained a smile, while the volunteers gained more gratitude, responsibility and motivation. President Qin concluded that "the activities have improved the cohesion of the team, and the team atmosphere has also taken on a new look. In the future, Chongqing Oushennuo ceramics will also participate in various public welfare activities in different forms. I hope that every volunteer participating in them can pass on their love with a grateful heart."




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