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Wenzhou merchants are not only the vitality of Wenzhou's development, but also the competitiveness of Wenzhou's economy. In the new era, if Wenzhou merchants want to continue to "stand up to the tide", they must learn from each other and help each other, work hard and start their business

in 2018, Action Education initiated the establishment of a resource sharing platform for Wenzhou entrepreneur groups - the Chinese entrepreneur president Huiwen business Alumni Association. It aims to create a sharing, learning and win-win platform and a family circle of principal enterprises with Wenzhou characteristics

on December 19, 2018, the grand ceremony of the first annual meeting of Wenzhou business Alumni Association kicked off. Mr. Xu Fengguang, President of Wenzhou custom home furnishing chamber of Commerce and chairman of Hangzhou Johns Technology Group Co., Ltd., was awarded the post of president of "Wenzhou business Alumni Association", and Mr. Li Jian, President of action education, issued a certificate for him

Mr. Li Jian congratulated Mr. Xu on his appointment as the president of the Wenzhou business Alumni Association, and highly praised Mr. Xu as the pride of the Alumni Association and a model and example of Wenzhou business. He was young and promising and dared to take on the responsibilities

Hangzhou Johns Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a leader in China's whole wood customization industry. This year, its headquarters moved to Hangzhou Binjiang Park of Alibaba center. Its jokins brand focuses on creating high-end whole wood customized large home overall space, and its main products are wooden doors, parapets, cabinets, cabinets, floors, mobile furniture and other products. In the future, Johns can do more, covering home furnishing, daily use, kitchen, home appliances and other major home life customized categories

adhering to the character of "the best is like water, and water is good for all things without contention", with the concept of "good for all, bad for all", Johns integrates global partners, and around the three industrial modules of "big home, big health, and big education", he first advocates the concept of "naked home" home life, makes every detail of life for users in an all-round way, and strives to build a whole industry ecological chain of home life

Mr. Xu is full of confidence in the future of the Wenzhou business Alumni Association. He said that he will try his best to contribute his energy to the development of the Wenzhou business Alumni Association, pool everyone's strength, and build the Alumni Association into a president type entrepreneur co construction and sharing platform that is "affectionate, righteous, and loving"

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