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Now the sofa on the market has various styles, such as cloth art, leather art, solid wood, rattan art and so on. As a person who loves leather sofa, maintenance and repair are also very important. As time goes by, leather sofa will have some problems, such as cracking, falling off and so on. So you should learn to maintain and repair. What if the sofa you buy breaks? Next, I'll tell you about the repair methods and maintenance of leather sofa

leather sofa repair

usually when cleaning the sofa, wipe it not too hard, which is easy to cause damage to the surface of the sofa. If the leather sofa that has been used for a long time is dirty, you can dip a cloth with soap water or washing powder of appropriate concentration and wash it with water content of 40% - 50%. If it is stained with oil, in addition to the method before use, you can also use the mixture of ammonia and alcohol or alcohol and banana water in the proportion of 2:1, and then wipe it with clean water and dry it with a clean cloth. Do not use strong detergent to clean the sofa

egg repair method

egg repair can be repaired with eggs. First beat an egg and use its egg white. Add some paint to blend the color of sofa leather. After beating with egg white, apply it to the damaged part of leather. Just don't wipe it with water, it won't fall off, and it won't come out unless you look carefully. When it's completely dry, it's all right to add some leather brightener. This is how ordinary leather repair works

leather sofa maintenance

if you are a sofa lover, you need to know more about the maintenance of many sofas. First, keep the room well ventilated and avoid being wet or too dry. This will make the sofa leather more aging, and will do great harm to the sofa. The second is that the leather sofa should not be placed where the sun shines directly, nor where the air conditioner blows directly, which will harden or fade the leather

after reading the leather sofa repair methods and how to maintain the leather sofa introduced by the editor above, do you have a better understanding of the sofa? As a person who loves leather sofa, he must know how to maintain it and how to repair it, so that it can be more durable





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