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Some details that are often ignored in the decoration process, in addition to the overall style design, color grasp, functional layout, furniture accessories... And so on. In addition to these important factors, the details of construction methods and process treatment are of great importance, which is the key to ensure the final overall effect. No matter how excellent the design is, how expensive the materials are, and how bad the details are, the final effect will be greatly affected. Next, based on my own experience and experience, I will talk about some details that are easy to be ignored or not paid much attention to:

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first, door (three guard door)

many people attach great importance to the room door at home, compare it in many ways, and do not hesitate to pay a lot of money. However, the very important door (three defense door) is often ignored, and even the door pocket is not covered, which is extremely incompatible with the indoor environment. In particular, the low-cost door provided by some developers has poor workmanship, style and color, which is a great waste of scenery... The door is actually the most important one of all the doors in the home. It is the first impression of the decoration of the whole room, and it is often the main point of view of the living room and dining room. Therefore, we should attach great importance to it. 

when decorating the door, pay attention to the following points:

1/the property is allowed to be replaced best. If it cannot be replaced, the side inside the door can be painted again

2/the whole home is white mixed with oil. The door can be white or dark, but the door cover is also best mixed with oil, which is coordinated with the indoor baseboard. This is a combination of cleaning and mixing. Although it has a long history, it still has a sense of fashion

3/the doors of each room are dark and oily, such as walnut and cherry wood. It is best to choose dark and oily colors for doors and doorcases. If it is white or other light colors, the overall feeling will lose balance. 4/if you replace the door with dark oil cleaning effect, you'd better choose the inner steel plate, and the outer wood veneer, which is more classy

5/don't forget that the door frame of the door has a threshold, which is generally much higher than the ground. It's best to install the door stone excessively. In this way, the whole door is complete

second, skirting line

besides its own function of protecting the wall, skirting line accounts for a considerable proportion in the proportion of home aesthetics. It is the outline of the ground in the home, and the line of sight often falls on it naturally. The skirting line with beautiful shape and exquisite workmanship can often play a role of pulling a thousand pounds, adding a lot of color to your home. However, the skirting line is often despised by people. I've seen some decorated houses, and I can't see anything bad in the design and construction, but I just don't think the overall effect is very good, and I'm uncomfortable at present. Finally, I found that it's all because of the rough and cheap baseboard that seriously affects the effect

1/the door pocket and skirting line should preferably be of the same color or the same color system. If you can't do it, dark door jambs can be equipped with white baseboard, but white door jambs had better not use dark baseboard

2/it is not recommended to use the finished skirting lines, let alone the skirting lines donated by the floor merchants. Here is not to discuss the quality problems of these finished skirting lines, mainly the installation process, seam splicing, corner chamfering splicing, nail holes during installation, etc. Although a single piece looks beautiful, it is difficult to ensure the overall effect in the end. Although it will be made up with glue, it will still be very conspicuous and feel not exquisite. Also, the color of the finished skirting line and the color of the door pocket must have a color difference, lacking a sense of integrity. Some of the decoration I have participated in, which uses finished skirting, has little effect, and even greatly affects the overall decoration effect

3/it is recommended to make the kick line on site or purchase semi-finished products

4/whether it's wood skirting line or brick, it should be installed in a straight line and cannot follow the wall. When dealing with the wall in the early stage, the workers should pay attention to the flatness of the wall at the skirting line and deal with it in advance. If there is still local unevenness in the end, it is better to apply glue to fill the gap than stick the skirting line close to the wall. In this way, although the gap is gone, the skirting line is not in a straight line and distorted in a dragon shape, which is a serious defect

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third, the wall where the wall cabinet is installed

now, it is very popular to make embedded wardrobe or other cabinets embedded in the wall. The advantage of this kind of cabinet is that it not only increases the internal space of the cabinet (it can stand tall and upright), but also makes the cabinet simple and generous. Inexperienced students may not remember to tell workers that the ground on which the cabinet is placed and the wall on the side of the cabinet must be horizontal and vertical. Otherwise, when installing the cabinet, it will be difficult to deal with the gap. If you reluctantly fill the gap, the vision will be distorted, appear very rough, and the process is not precise, the effect will be greatly reduced, and a group of expensive wall cabinets will be destroyed by these small details. In addition, if it is a sliding door, the uneven ground will also cause the sliding door to not close tightly. Therefore, the ground and wall where the wall cabinet is installed should be strictly horizontal and vertical

if unfortunately you have encountered such a problem, the wall has been done, it is crooked, and the ground is uneven, what should you do? I'll tell you a remedy:

the cabinet body is not connected with the original components of the manufacturer, that is, don't fix the cabinet body first and then insert it into the wall, but: use thin sponge double-sided tape and glass glue at the same time, stick the top plate, bottom plate and side plates on both sides of the cabinet body to the corresponding wall, leave no gap, and pad the bottom plate horizontally. After proper adjustment, the eight corners inside the cabinet are fixed with metal triangle fasteners, and then put in the internal vertical plate, horizontal plate, and the main parts connected between the horizontal plate and the vertical plate, and then fix with metal triangle fasteners. In this way, the error vision of the whole wall and cabinet cannot be seen, and the problem that the sliding door cannot be closed is also solved. This has another advantage over putting the cabinet into the wall as a whole, that is, it is more convenient to disassemble if necessary in the future

fourth, pointing

we are always picky about workers' tiling skills, whether the lines are straight, whether the bricks are on a plane, and so on. However, in the end, the importance of jointing is often ignored, or it is not particularly clear at all. For the effect of wall and floor tiles, the quality of jointing is just like that of girls. Their facial features are impeccable, but they don't pay attention to cleaning their faces (of course, such girls don't), and they won't turn into shapes seriously. Think about it, what's the result

in fact, in my opinion, the proper processing and meticulous workmanship of pointing are the key to the final effect of wall and floor tiles! Even, good jointing can make up for some defects in tiling. Therefore, workers must be specially warned. Generally, bricklayers despise jointing. If conditions permit, it is best to supervise on site

1/when the whole decoration is close to the end, point the joint again to avoid being dirty by other processes

2/go to the supermarket and buy high-quality jointing agent by yourself. This money can't be saved. Inferior jointing agent not only changes color, but also has poor adhesion. It will lose powder when touched by hand

3/I dare say that more than 70% of workers do not master or use the correct jointing method. Use a wet sea surface or a wet cloth, and wipe it slowly in a circle, so that the jointing agent and the ceramic tile are basically on the same plane. It is not like the usual practice of many workers to use leather pipes or anything to draw a slot. The effect of this is that the brick surface and pointing are a plane, which has a beautiful effect, and it is not easy to accumulate dirt and dust, which is convenient to scrub

4/it is strongly recommended to choose black jointing agent (or gray) on the ground. Although a good brand of white jointing agent is dirty, you can basically brush it clean with a little effort, but the premise is that you always have to brush it, and it is white after brushing. Usually, it is neither black nor white, but gray

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fifth, the doorway stone and floating window

the doorway stone are used in the door, kitchen, bathroom and other places, which are the places we most often go in and out. I found that some of our classmates are very concerned about the color and quality of floor tiles and floors, but they often despise the door stones. Very expensive tiles are willing to use, but a few door stones are unwilling to buy high-end stones!. Speaking of this problem, I would like to talk about the proportion of capital allocation to ensure the overall effect of decoration

in order to save money, tiles, floors, walls, cabinets, doors and other major items should be properly designed and cleverly matched. A little cheaper will not affect the overall decoration effect. If you want to save money, these are the big picture, and there is a lot to do. For example, white wall, lippon 3-in-1, Dulux 5 and 1 are not much better than China Resources, Fuya and other domestic products, but the prices differ widely. The price of "3 and 1" and "Medley" of the same brand of lippon is one sky and one earth. The promotion of wear resistance, mildew resistance, cracking resistance and so on by these manufacturers are all added values that we can hardly use. The place that should be cracked will also crack. After 3 or 5 years, the wall is old and needs to be repainted. I have never heard of anyone who wiped one side with a towel after the wall is old

therefore, places like the door stone and the bay window, which are not large in area, but are very eye-catching and effective, are worth spending more money. As for the variety and color of stones, you need to balance them according to the overall style, or discuss with the designer. When some friends talk about door stones, they only have the concept of dark color. In fact, it's not true

let's talk about the details of stone edging:

1/in addition to the European classical style, try not to do complicated edging, which is expensive, cumbersome and not necessarily beautiful

2/rounded edges are not popular in recent years, and flat small beveled edges are simple and fashionable

3/refuse to manually grind the edges. Before purchasing stones, you should first ask whether it is machine cutting and machine grinding

sixth, lamps

1/first of all, we should know that light is an expert in creating mood and rich spatial changes. It plays a much greater role in a delicate and beautiful home than many people think

2/we should have the concept of main light source and auxiliary light source, which is the case in every room. The main light source refers to the lighting dedicated to a certain local space, such as desk lamps and floor lamps for reading, chandeliers on the dining table, spotlights for wall decorative lighting, etc. The auxiliary light source is the headlamp in the middle of each room. Many people do not have this concept when decorating and decorating their homes

3/number of main light sources and auxiliary light sources:

generally speaking, there should be no less than 4 living rooms, no less than 3 bedrooms, and the kitchen and bathroom should also have main light sources and auxiliary light sources. In this way, the lighting layout of the space is hierarchical and not monotonous visually. At the same time, the comfort of life will increase a lot

4/when purchasing lamps and lanterns, we should grasp the overall home style. Looking good individually is not necessarily good-looking. It is really good-looking when it is coordinated in the whole space. Instead of saying, "this lamp is really beautiful", you should say, "this lamp looks good when you put it here"

seventh, installation of air conditioner

some students don't know, generally





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